The POWER4 13 Step Inbound Marketing Strategy

Get Your Website Found With an Inbound Marketing Strategy

We Developed the POWER4 Inbound Marketing Strategy to encompass all aspects of Marketing that are relative to your business today. 

Choosing one advertising medium is dangerous.  But if you are not making any effort to create a solid online presence, your company will be left out in the future.

The 13 Steps Below Are Based on the 3 Core Components of Inbound Marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization - On-Page and Off-Page
  2. Blogging
  3. Social Media

Our Goal is to Get YOUR Website found!

Step 1 - Market Research

  • Identify Markets...Is there a Market for Your Product or Service?

  • What is your industry?

  • Who Are Your Customers?

  • What is the Future Outlook for Your Industry?

Step 2 - Understanding Your Business - USP

  • Identify What Makes Your Company Different From Everyone Else

  • What Can You Offer?

  • Why Do you want Visitors to Come to Your Website?

  • What Do You Want the Visitors to Do When They Arrive at Your Site?

Step 3 - Identify Customer Persona

  • Figure out who your audience is...

  • What are your customers problems?

  • What types of information do your prospects need?

  • How do they search within Google? 

Step 4 - Analyze Existing Website or Create Strategy for New Website

  • Complete Website Report and 30 Minute Hotseat

  • Existing Site Architecture

  • Navigation

  • Landing Pages

  • Existing Blogs

  • Keywords

  • Meta Description

  • Images

  • Meta Tags

Step 5 - Inbound and Outbound Marketing Integration

  • Document sales process for each strategy.

  • Integrate Traditional Methods with New Methods

  • What is working....keep

  • What isn't working....toss

  • Review Existing Metrics

Step 6 - Optimize - On-Page SEO

  • Keyword Strategy

  • Competitor Keywords

  • Existing Key Words Optimized

  • Placement of Words-Descriptions

  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Step 7 - Optimize - Off-Page SEO

  • Focus on Building Links

  • Critical to Google Ranking

  • Who is linking?

  • Quality of Inbound Links

Step 8 - Content Building

  • Review Existing Content that is Relevent

  • Create New Content Using Keywords

  • Develop Content Relevent to Customer Persona

Step 9 - Develop Blogging Strategy

  • Subscribe to Industry Blogs

  • Blog Domain

  • Educate Your Customers, Don't Sell

  • Optimize Blogs

  • Ongoing Blogging

Step 10 - Develop Social Media Strategy and Integration

  • Identify Social Media Platforms

  • Setup Social Media Accounts

  • Distribute Posts Via Social Media

  • Develop Content, Interesting Information

  • Listen to What is Being Said About Your Company

Step 11 - Create Compelling Offers - Email Marketing

  • What Can You Offer to Create Interest

  • Harvest Existing Email Database

  • Schedule Email Campaign

  • Must Be Good Content, No Sales Pitch

Step 12 - Develop Landing Page Strategy

  • How Can Visitor Be Compelled to Give Email

  • Types of Offers

  • Inventory Existing Landing Page Assets

Step 13 - Analyze Web Page Analytics, Review, Adjust

  • Document Metrics at Beginning

  • Monitor Traffic Ranking, Social Media Reach, Visitors to Site, Effective Keywords, Campaign Conversion.

  • Blogging - What Creates the Most Interest

  • Compare to Competitors

  • Sources of Leads

  • Visits by Page

Need Help With Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

It is critical to get your strategy correct before you begin implementing any changes to your website.  You could potentially work for months on your website only to find out you headed in the wrong direction. 

I can help you build the steps you need to be successful online and get that site of your so it is actually producing leads instead of sitting there.  It's not just talk either, my sites are using the same strategies to get customers.  Your here, Right?

Inbound Marketing can be a bit overwhelming.  It has taken us well over a year to implement all of the beneficial elements of inbound marketing.  Let me help you knock of significant amounts of time and let us get you up to speed in no time.  You can't wait, or someone else will snatch up that valuable internet real estate.  Let's take a look at your site. 

If you want to read more on inbound marketing strategy, see my latest blog post, "Why You Need a New Web Content Strategy".  Sign up for our blog and you will get our latest information we provide on inbound marketing each week.