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Content Marketing Strategy

It doesn't matter how pretty or flashy your website is, you have to get your content right.  Google and the rest of the search engines are blind, so they don't care how good your website looks, they want to know what you have to say. 

Without an integrated Internet marketing strategy, you will likely flounder and never really know what you are doing.  I know, because I did it for several years. 

Then I got frustrated and decided I was going to learn how. That was 8 months ago.  It is tough to explain how to do it, so I created this diagram of the process so I could actually explain it to someone. 

POWER4 Integrated Marketing Strategy Diagram


Website Designer or Website Strategist?

It has been my experience through several web design creations that it doesn't matter who I go to, I still end up doing the content.

Even though I want my site to look nice, what I want worse is for someone to tell me what to say.  My past experience tells me that most designers are not marketers or strategists. 

You need to determine if you want a nice looking site or a site that generates leads.  I have found the latter to be much more fun. 

I am a good writer and I love to write, but one of the most difficult things you can do is write your own content.  No fun at all.  You need to have a solid Internet marketing strategy in order to get found online (inbound marketing-more information here).

Content Development Strategy:

The first step in developing content is to make sure that we have the words correct.  Some of the questions we ask:

  • What words are you using now?

  • Do you know your existing rankings for keywords?

  • Are you familiar with what keywords you are optimizing for?

  • How often do you review your keywords?

  • How many long tail keywords do you have?

Starting with a list of 10-20 anchor terms, we can identify 300-500 keyword phrases.  We determine the best word phrases for your business. 

We then frame the content around those key word phrases.  These phrases become the theme of your website.

Content Development Solutions:

Now that we have your theme and ideal keyword phrases, we start to develop content for your website.  Where do we start?

The starting point depends on your current situation.  Are you happy with your site...are you getting you have a site at all...are you blogging? Each business is unique and have different needs. 

Words are consistent and if you follow the diagram above, you will see how the keyword report impacts everything throughout the cycle of website marketing.

Once you have your keywords, you can skip to the most urgent need. Maybe you have some existing content or blogs that just need some updating.  It is never too late to optimize existing content. 

Then we determine the needs:

  • Website pages?

  • Blogging platform?

  • Landing page construction?

  • Creative call to action and measurement?

  • Advanced content such as presentations, downloads, white papers?

Content Development Services:

Now we have the strategy, the keywords and our goals.  Now we create your content.  We try to use "your voice...your sales pitch".  You want to build a relationship with your visitor and we do our best to capture your voice. 

This can be as simple as a phone interview, a video interview talking about your business and asking questions that your customers would ask you.

(TIP: One of the best sources for content is to answer the questions that your customers are asking you.  You answer these everyday, if your customers are asking, there are likely others out there with the same questions....YOU Become the Expert!)

All of our web pages, blogging platforms are optimized for on page and off page SEO.  Our goal is to get you found. 

We charge by the project based on your needs.  Let us look at your website and determine what would be the best strategy for you moving forward.  I will personally give you 30 minutes of my time and a FREE Website Report Card.  Let's get your content developed!

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