You Wrote It.....Now Promote It Using Social Media!

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How To Promote Your Content

Now that you have built all of your valuable content, it is time for you to put that
content in front of the world.  This isn't a push strategy, it is a placement strategy.  By placing content where your customer persona goes is like placing bait on a fishing line. 

If it is interesting enough, tasty and looks real, you will have a better chance of reeling in a potential customer.  Social media is one of the best places to place your content for people to find you. 

Over time you will begin to build a list of subscribers who want your content and are willing to give you an email address.  You can automatically send your blogging updates to them in their email.  If you catch their attention, and they want to read it, you simply provide the link to them. 

Here Is A Breakdown On The 2 Most Important Methods Of Promoting Your Content

1. Social Media

Social media allows people to interact online and connect the content that you create.  Social media is the best way to promote your content without pushing that content on someone. 

By utilizing social media, you are just simply placing your content in places that your customers would likely find it.  It gives the reader the choice to click on it or not to click on a particular post. 

The 5 primary social media networks you should be on (at a minimum...) are:

  1. Facebook

  2. LinkedIN

  3. YOUtube

  4. Twitter

  5. Google+

2. Opt-In Email Marketing

The best way to steer clear of problems with spamming people, is to create an opt-in email list.  You can do this with your content. Providing educational videos, e-books and white papers creates resources that people want. 

By utilizing calls to action buttons and landing pages, you can oblige visitors to trade their email address for your valuable content.  Opt-In email addresses are the gold standard in Internet marketing.  With an email address, you now have an audience to speak to on a regular basis. 

By getting in front of your audience, you are better able to communicated and build a relationship over time.  By building this relationship, the visitor gets to know you.  You will be the first to come to mind when they are ready to buy your product or service. 

Want To Learn More About Promoting Your Content?

Staying current and participating in all the social media sites can seem like a daunting task.  Creating the right email with a heading that gets attention is an art in itself.  I know, because I am doing it myself.  It drove me crazy to be held hostage to a webmaster. Even though he was the expert, I was not generating any traffic to my website. 

I had to take action and learn how to do it myself.  Now I want to show you how to do it for yourself.  I have taken what I have learned along the way and put together this E-Book just for you.  Download it for FREE today.

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