I Used Web Marketing To Grow Family Electrical Business

Web Marketing Projects

Developed New Web Marketing Strategy For Family Website-www.hoveyelectric.com

We had a 6 page website that needed to be re-designed to support our efforts in the energy efficiency market.  One of the challenges we faced when utilizing the call center concept to market our energy efficiency services is that we had no established way to provide an avenue for potential customers to learn more about our services other than a plain 6 page website.  The website had been re-designed in 2006.  After discovering that the website would require an additional $3,000 to add additional information, I began to research other options.  Through my research, I discovered Inbound Marketing and the Hubspot Software Platform.  This gave me the control over my website that I was looking for and also taught me how to create organic traffic to my website utilizing blogging and content development. 

Increased all web traffic from 972 visits to 11,827 visits in 12 months

Traffic has increased substantially since I implemented the web strategy.  The 3 years prior to September 2010, traffic was virtually non-existent, maybe 50 visits per year.  From September 2010 to December 31, 2010, traffic increased to 972 visits.  From January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011, traffic increased from 972 visits to 11,827 visits.  Since we implemented the strategy to today, the website has seen 13,973 visits overall. Here is a blog post I wrote about the results and a graph below to show you the results. 

How To Become A Contractor With A 1,123% Increase In Website Traffic

Increased organic search results by 4,760%

While traffic is important to any successful website, it is not the only metric one must look at.  How the traffic got there is just as important.  We experimented with Pay Per Click,  and Facebook ads which generated some traffic.  Craigslist also generated some traffic since we used Craigslist as part of our employee recruiting platform.  But the most traffic came from the growth in organic traffic.  Organic traffic in September 2010 was 25 vs December 2011 of 1,192, an increase of 4,760% on month to month traffic.  Overall, 8,152 visits were generated via organic traffic. 

Increased Google indexed pages from 6 to 391 in 14 months

Indexed pages are important as indexed pages are an indication to Google or other search engines of the relevance of your site. In September 2010 we had 6 indexed pages.  As of January 19, 2012 we have 391 indexed pages. (Blue Line in the graph)

Increased ranked keywords from 0 to 376 in 12 months

I didn’t even know what a keyword was until I started working on the Hubspot platform.  I quickly learned their value and began building a strategy around certain words.  We did not rank for any keywords when we started in Sept 2010.  As of January 19, 2012, Hovey Electric ranks for 366 keyword terms 99 and under, 249 terms ranked 10 or under, 89 terms ranked 1.  I have utilized a list of 1000 keywords to describe the energy efficiency market and continue to adjust that strategy based on results. 

Developed E-Book that has a conversion rate of 23%

In order to attract leads to the website, we created some advanced content.  We created a whitepaper on a project that we had completed for energy efficiency and we also created an E-book Titled : Business Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency.  This E-book was intended as a Free download.  We have seen a conversion rate of 23% on the E-book and 10% on the whitepaper.  

Developed 84 blog posts that led to 8,000 visits in 12 months

By utilizing the Hubspot platform, I have built a loyal following of readers and much of our organic traffic has been generated using this platform.  I am the primary writer but I also taught one of our Journeyman electricians who works on the energy efficiency projects how to write blog posts as well. 

He writes out rough content, I re-format the articles for SEO and then publish them under his name.  Together over the last year we have written 84 blog posts.  Roughly 8,000 visits to our website out of the 13,000 were in direct relation to the 84 blogs.  

Here are some samples of blogs I wrote: 

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