Lead Nurturing Is A Function Of Lead Generation

6 Stages Of Lead Generation Using Internet Marketing Strategies

lead nurturing internet marketing

Stage 1. Build Web Traffic

In order to sell online, you have to have traffic.  No traffic, no online sales.  It is just that simple.  The best way to build traffic to your site is create interesting, engaging educational content. 

Building traffic through organic search takes time, but the content you create becomes an asset to the company...it is always there.  Once you generate some traffic, then you need to consider how you are going to generate a lead. 

Stage 2. Generate Leads From Your Site or Lead Generation

You would never ask a spouse to marry you on the first date, would you?  Although it has likely happened sometime in history, it is not practical at all.  You can contrast this with a visitor to your site.  You have to meet your spouse first and that is the idea behind lead generation.  It is the start of your relationship, the beginning. 

The goal at this stage is to get the email address.  Why is this important?  Because you want to continue to communicate with the visitor to build your relationship.  You can have your blog software setup to send them an email anytime you create new content.  Or you could just communicate with them once a month with a newsletter. 

The idea here is to stay in front of the prospect enough that they keep you in mind.  Much like dating, the more often you go on a date, the more likely you are to get to know someone. 

Stage 3. Create Lead Management Plan

Now that you are generating leads, you need to plan out how you are going to manage all of your contacts.  We won't compare this back to dating since it wouldn't be a good idea to try to manage so many at the same time...just not a good idea.  But if you do meet someone special, you had better keep track of special dates and times that you need to remember.  Keeping track of important information is the premise behind lead management.

Once you go above 25 leads, you will need software to help you manage your leads.  You may have different market segments, different frequencies of communication and contact information that you want to keep track of.  You can likely keep track up to about 25 leads, but you need to have a plan on how you are going to manage those leads beyond 25. 

There are numerous programs out there such as Outlook, Act, Salesforce and many others.  You have to find what works for you.  The point is to make it as easy as possible to manage your growing list of leads.

Stage 4. Implement Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

In order to get a lead, you have to create interesting content.  If you don't have anything interesting, the visitor is going to keep on looking.  You only have 3 seconds to convince someone that they should stay on your site.  With that in mind, it is a monumental event if they are willing to give you their email address. 

Now that you have their email, you need to begin nurturing.  Nurturing is not the process of pushing your products.  This is the time to provide more great content and keep the lead engaged with your business.  This process is often referred to as drip marketing.  The slow process of staying in front of your lead until they are ready to buy from you.

Stage 5. Converting A Lead To A Customer-Lead Conversion

As you get to know your lead better, you can continue to ask for more information over time.  Don't be pushy.  With the information you should be able to provide more specific information to the prospect so that.  You might consider this stage as asking her to marry you.  Now it is time for your lead to be a customer or comparatively, your girlfriend to become your wife. 

Building trust over time is what has gotten you to this point.  You both have to be ready, it needs to be a mutual agreement.  You can provide something the lead wants and the lead has a problem you can solve.  A perfect marriage.  That is what all the hard work behind content marketing leads up to, a perfect match of product or service need with demand. 

At any point along the 5 stages, you can potentially lose out on all the hard work you have put forward.  Just remember, Don't Push Your Customer or you will have a divorce even before you have a chance to be married. 

Stage 6. Staying In Touch With Your Customers-Lead Maintenance

This is the stage that so many businesses screw up on.  You have spent all this time, energy and money in building up your customer base, but then you just leave them there until they need something from you again.  Existing customers are so neglected. 

You automatically assume that just because the customer bought from you before, that they are going to again.  Too many businesses just spend all of their time and energy on bringing in new customers when in fact the customers they already have are the best source of new business and referrals.  The door has been opened, now is the time to continue engaging your customers on a regular basis. 

Content marketing is just as relevant to Stage 6 as it is to Stage 1 and bringing in traffic to your website.  The only difference is your not just trying to get an email address, you already have it along with a (hopefully...) happy customer.  Sending your monthly newsletter, emailing blog posts, engaging them with Social Media or even sending them a birthday card are all effective ways to maintain your customers. 

Want To Learn More About Setting Up Your 6 Stages of Lead Generation?

Setting up a 6 stage lead generation strategy is the back bone of content marketing.  It is why you do it.  Afterall, building a successful web presence can't be done without paying customers. 

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