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Strategic Social Marketing For Professional Service Businesses

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 @ 08:29 AM

Still Wondering Why Social Media Is Important?

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How The Right Social Media Marketing Plan Can Drive More Leads

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Jul 25, 2012 @ 07:39 AM

What Does Your Social Media Marketing Plan Look Like?

Social Media and Blogging Are No Longer Optional.... 

The days of having a basic static website with no way to interact with customers are over. I'm finding that even small business owners must consider the impact that social media and blogging can have on their customer bases. Optional, IF You Want To Get Found Online

Consider these statistics: 

  • Companies who spent at least 6 hours per week investing in social media outlets and utilizing applicable and powerful content, could create up to 52 percent more leads then companies who didn't.

  • When a company utilizes Twitter, they can double the amount of leads they generate in a month when compared to non Twitter using companies.

  • Social networks are main steam with American internet users, almost 2/3 of American's online participate in them.

Do You Really Understand Social Media?

Social media allows people to interact socially online. It basically includes several main components that all allow users to interact through the Internet:

  • Talking-email/chat

  • Participating

  • Sharing

  • Networking

  • Bookmarking

  • Linking

  • Listening

Any Internet users will agree, that websites that allow you to go beyond just static reading and allow them to become more connected and involved with your business online are what people want.

Interactive socially minded websites may also create a greater desire for visitors to want to find out more about what your company does and even make a purchase from your business.

Why Should Businesses Have a Social Media Strategy? 

There are many great reasons, I have found, for businesses to add a social media strategy to their current advertising and marketing plan:

  1. Users are exposed to you through natural links in the content of websites. They are perusing the stuff, because they want to. They haven't been forced too.

  2. Your potential online audience is as limitless as the Internet.

  3. Social media outlets provide business websites with another source of online traffic beyond search engines. Its another way to get visitors to come directly to your business website.

  4. Its very cost effective. When you consider the cost of normal marketing and advertising, effective social media is one of the most cost effective forms of business marketing on the planet.

  5. A strong social media strategy fits easily into other marketing tactics you might be trying. It doesn't distract but can be made to tailor into your existing marketing plan.

Why is Blogging so Critical to Social Media?

The first thing that I must emphasize is that blogs are not another opportunity to make a sales pitch to website visitors. It will probably just drive them away. A good blog is used to built interest with existing customers and new customers.

It provides visitors with pertinent information regarding your business and what you do. You can use utilize your blog and social media outlets as a small tantalizing piece of pie that will tantalize customers into coming back to your website to get the entire pie.

A good blog doesn't need thousands of posts. It needs applicable, easy to read, and often updated posts. Blogs are applicable to every type of business from legal professionals to accountants and insurance companies.

Its a great way to educate your customers and let them get to know you in a more personal way.

Overwhelmed With Social Media?

I have always been a early adopter of new technology.  I have been listening for several years about social media and the role in expanding a business network.  But, I could never figure out how to get enough time to keep everything updated and participating in the right platform.  

Does that describe you?

You likely have all the information and expertise to be an excellent contributor to social media, but you are likely missing the tools that can actually make the process more manageable.  For me, blogging was the missing link that brought it all together.  

See, when I post this blog, it will automatically update all of my social media profiles, at least those that I see the most value in pursuing. 

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

It is always easy to find someone who will gladly tell you why you should do this and why you should do that.  This is especially true with social media.  It's not about the platform, it is about the needs of your business.  

Is your customer using that social media network?  Do you know?

Before you spend countless hours setting up your social media profiles or try to keep up with posting at unmanageable frequencies, develop a strategy.  We offer a FREE website assessment that looks at your entire online marketing efforts including social media.  

No pressure, no hype, none of that.  Our goal is to leave you with 5-10 actionable items that you can implement on your own if you have the time.  

Ready to review your Internet marketing strategy?

Remember, social media is a way to grow your business, and we can help you do it without the stress.

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Strategic Social Marketing Can Increase Your Website Traffic By 50%

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, May 14, 2012 @ 02:40 PM

Is "Traffic" Really That Important?

Social media is often overlooked as an important tool for generating attention which leads to traffic to your website.  I often get told that "traffic isn't all that important", but in reality it is critical.  How many leads will you generate from your website with 0 traffic?  This one should be easy to figure out, 0.   

So maybe your one of those skeptics that proclaim traffic is not all the relevant, but I would disagree.  Traffic as the ONLY metric to measure your site is wrong. But Monitoring actual leads generated along with several other metrics must be analyzed to get the complete picture.  

You need a certain amount of traffic to generate a level of leads that helps drive new sales from your website.  

Lead generation is a numbers game....whether your talking call center or web marketing..the greater the number of attempts or leads generated, the better the chance for making a sale.  

How Do I Know? Social Media Accounts For 50+% Of Overall Web Traffic On This Site

In the past month, I have generated nearly 1,200 visitors to my site. 

Of those visitors, over 50% have come from my participation in social media.  The traffic from social media has increased dramatically from a new strategy I put into place about 2 months ago.  

So what's the difference?

In the previous month, I generated 7 total leads for the entire month which only had 1 lead from social media.  I then improved my strategy and participation.  

This effort resulted in 17 leads for the month and 7 of those leads came directly from social media participation.  Therefore I increased my social media participation, increased my traffic on my site and more than doubled the amount of leads I got over the past month.  

How To Adopt a Social Media Strategy For YourBusiness 

Social media is an important part of business networking and marketing because it allows people and businesses to contact each other and stay in touch at their own convenience. 

It also allows a business an online presence, which can be built from a foundation of reputation as well as the image they would like to convey. 

Social media has quickly become one of the most important conduits for individuals looking to connect and explore within the realm of goods and services. 

Developing a social media strategy is one of the most important and crucial steps a successful business can take is to get their business attention online.

What Is Social Media Relative To Other More Traditional Business Outlets? 

Social media is a way to connect to all people, especially those who are more computer and technology literate as well as the younger generations who have grown up in a time where, for them, the Internet has always existed. 

These people tend to build connections and friendships online as well as make social judgments relative to real life from the images and presences they see online. 

That is why it is so important for a business to become involved in social media, because it keeps them fresh and relevant to the consumers they are most frequently reaching out

Use Social Media To Target Specific Audiences

Another major advantage to the use of social media is the way in which a business can target a specific audience or demographic through its online presence and behavior. 

In this way, businesses can save both time and money by connecting straight to their target consumer population while maintaining their present clientèle. 

Social Media Is Better Than A Survey

Social media outlets often let people review businesses as well, and in this way business owners and managers can learn about how they are perceived and cared for within their own community and around the world. 

Social Media Increases Your Customer Reach

Customers can connect with each other to share reviews and insights, allowing you to reach a much broader audience base than you normally would be able to using any other media outlet or campaign.

What Is Social Media's Role In Your Business Model? 

There are so many useful and relevant tools for businesses and individuals contained within the social media platforms that it only makes sense to create and maintain an online presence. 

This presence also allows you to connect with other professionals in order to build business connections and partners. 

Imagine the possibilities when you are able to connect with other professionals from around the world without having to leave your home or place of business, all for free! 

Key Takeaway: Increasing your "traffic" to your website is an important metric for your website.  Strategic social marketing is a great way to increase your website traffic. 


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What is Social Media? It's About Sharing, Not Selling

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sun, Oct 09, 2011 @ 08:00 AM

Use Social Media to Share Your Knowledge, and The Crowd Will Follow

Use Social Media to Monitor Yourself, Brand and Company

A good way to understand social media if your not familiar is to go see what's out there.  Search your brand, your name, your companies name, and even your competition.  Social media is actually one of the best ways to seek out information about your competition.

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