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Sales Funnel Stages: How To Nurture Your Customer After The Sale

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Jul 04, 2012 @ 07:44 AM

Ok, You Closed The Deal.....Now Don't Forget The Most Important Sales Funnel Stage....

Selling Existing Customers AGAIN

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Sales Funnel Stages: How To Stay On The Minds Of Existing Customers

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, May 02, 2012 @ 04:37 AM

One Of The Sales Funnel Stages Most Often Forgotten;

The Bottom Of The Sales Funnel, The Existing Customer Base

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Why You Can't Get Complacent With The Bottom Of Your Sales Funnel

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Apr 14, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Your Sales Funnel Should Lead To A Customer...Here's What To Do AFTER The Sale

Don't Get Complacent, The Hard Work Is Done...They Gave You Money!!!

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Why It Is Critically Important To Keep The Top Of Sales Funnel Full

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 01:00 AM

In The New Economy, You Will Have To Keep Top Of Sales Funnel FULL ALL The Time....

Do You Ever Have ENOUGH Prospects?

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Sales Funnel Stages: How To Un-stuck The Middle Of Your Sales Funnel

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Feb 18, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Middle Of Funnel; Don't Get Stuck...Stay Engaged

Here is where most businesses screw up.  They spend a ton of time marketing, selling and advertising and they get a lead.  But most businesses just stop right there.  

Now I am not pointing any fingers here because...yes..I am guilty of it too.  It is easy to get lost at this point because we think...what's the bother they aren't interested.  

The point here is the fact that you obviously got the leads attention. You have their email address, now it is time to stay in front of the prospect.  No, not the bash them over the head...same kind of push, salesy bs that we have traditionally done over the past 50 years.  

Give them something of value.  What are your customers problems, how are you solving them? Tell them what you are doing, educate them.  

This is a critical stage because in reality you don't know when that lead will be ready to purchase from you.  I have heard of companies nurturing leads for 3 years before they buy...you never really know...so you can't just give up once you have the lead.  

So You Created A Top Of Funnel Offer....And It Worked...You Got A Lead...Now What?

You have spent a lot of time working on building offers. You have marketed your site and garnered interest from members of your target audience.   Now it's time to kick into gear the middle of the marketing funnel.  

The middle of your marketing funnel includes turning these people with a mild to moderate interest in your products or services into loyal customers.

For these mid-level sales funnel management stages, focus on giving your potential customers the necessary information up front. You need to be honest about what you can do for them.

I developed some tips for you so as you go through these stages you have some things to keep in mind to help keep you un-stuck and keep things moving.     

Are You Marketing A Product?    

For example, if you are offering a certain product to the masses, the middle levels of your marketing funnel should involve demonstrating how effectively the product works.

By doing so you should also be answering the questions regarding why one would want to buy what you have to offer.

If you own a strictly brick-and-mortar enterprise, an invitation to an in store demonstration might be a way to illustrate the benefits of your product, for example.

In store, hands on demonstrations of your favorite products can be a great way to size up how well this item will fit in with your household routine.

If your business is based online, then you can opt to use customer testimonials or video to achieve the same type of result. It's all about your customer...what do you think will work?   

Are You Offering A Service?

Should you be offering a service instead of a tangible product, you can go about sales funnel management online or off via the use of customer testimonials.

If you allow people to see that you have a sterling reputation, you are far more likely to close the deal with potential customers than if you asked them to pay for your services completely on faith.

Again, showing empirically that your offerings are a cut above the rest makes it far easier to part with one's hard-earned money.    

Other Tips and Considerations    

If testimonials or demonstrations are in short supply, you can develop your marketing funnel in these middle stages by offering a discount or special deal for new customers.

Consider offering some Free or Discounted services to customers in your market.  

These middle stages are all about using a hook to make an individual customer feel as if their business is valued.  

You have come this far, it is critical to do your best to make the initial sale as cost-effective and easy as possible.  You do want them to buy from you eventually. 

Build Valuable Advanced Content For The Middle Of Your Marketing Funnel

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods for nurturing your leads over a long period of time.

While the process is a lot of work, once you have developed the content, it can live on for a long time....much longer than a magazine advertisement or flash on a digital outdoor billboard. 

There are some important steps involved with Content Marketing and I wrote an eBook (My advanced content offer to you...hint, hint!) all about what is involved with Content Marketing.

Check it out....and I can assure you this is one of the best...if not only way to keep the middle of your marketing funnel from getting stuck.   


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Topics: marketing funnel, sales funnel stages, sales funnel, marketing funnel stages, stages in the sales funnel, sales funnel new business, sales funnel consultant

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