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How To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy - Why Content Matters

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Content marketing drives traffic and as a result is extremely important. Through the use of optimized and targeted content one can attract a specific audience and give that audience a reason to remain on a particular website or blog for an extended period of time. If your audience is inspired by the content you've created they will leave comments or even share the content with their networks. This type of action drives even more traffic to your site, further increasing your chances of making online sales.

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3 Ways To Use Content Marketing To Turn Strangers Into Raving Fans

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Apr 24, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Content Marketing Is A Perfect Way To Turn Strangers Into Raving Fans

Content marketing can be very effective for businesses. Many businesses use content marketing to attract new visitors. But, that's just the beginning.

It should also be used to create an environment that entices those visitors to revisit your site regularly. You want to encourage them to interact with you and share your content with others.

Your business content marketing approach has to focus on the niche related needs of all three types of your online visitors:

  1. Strangers: Online surfers and searches that just stumbled upon your blog or site.

  2. Friends: Visitors that are familiar with your company, brand, website or blog.

  3. Fans: People who love your company and are happy to tell the world about you.

1. Business Content Marketing for Strangers

Strangers are online users that are either surfing the net, just looking around. Or, they are searching for something in particular using keywords in search engines.

Either way, these are people who have just stumbled upon your site, hoping you can help them with something. You need to grab their attention immediately.

Your marketing goal for this group is to figure out what types of questions they may have, and solve it. They need to land on a page that is relevant to their keyword search.

The content should catch their attention, and hold it as long as possible. Your sales goal with this group is to turn these strangers into loyal friends.

2. Business Content Marketing for Friends

Friends are online users that already know your company, but would like to know you more. They are interested in becoming more educated about your brand.

Your marketing goal with online friends is to share relevant experiences and stories that make them feel closer to you. Your sales goal is to turn these friends into loyal fans.

Here are some ideas to help build a long-lasting friendship:

  • Share stories about experiences that your friends would be interested in.
  • Tell stories that show how your service or product could make their lives better.
  • Make your stories enchanting and appealing, using photos and videos they'd like.
  • Educate them on how to use your products and how to incorporate them in their lives.

3. Business Content Marketing for Fans

Fans are people that already know you, and they love you, who you are and what you do. Content marketing for this group can be fun. It involves creating an interactive environment that allows them to keep up with you whenever they want to.

Your marketing goal for your fans is to make it as easy as possible for them to interact with you and your other fans. Your sales goal for fans?

Turn these loyal online users into paying online customers, or affiliates that help you make online sales. Here are three great tips to help you with this:

  1. Create Newsletters – This gives your fans the option of subscribing to regularly delivered content, via email. They will be able to share your deliverable content with others.

  2. Downloads Are Golden – This is content that your fans can download at their leisure. This content can be e books, articles, videos, photos, etc...

  3. Participate In Social Networking – All of your content should provide options for fans to follow like, share, tweet, re tweet, digg, etc... on their favorite social networks.

Start Using Content Marketing for Your Business

You now have an understanding of the three types of visitors your online content should address. All three should be able to relate to and find value in your content. Start creating relevant content now and see how it could be effective in creating loyal fans for your business. Start your content marketing campaign now.

Learn More About Content Marketing

The learning curve for understanding the web and the role of content marketing can be a bit overwhelming.  Want to learn more?  I created #2 from the list above, "Downloads Are Golden" in the shape of an e book.  I call it: "An Introduction To Content Marketing".  Real original, don't you think?  Anyhow, this e book will help you better understand how content marketing can help your business. 

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Contractor Websites: How To Generate More Leads From Your Website

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 08:56 AM

Generating Leads From Contractor Websites Has NOTHING To Do With How It Looks....

It's All About WHAT It Says...

You may have the best product or service available.  Your expertise may be supreme and customer service like no other.  But if your potential customers are not aware of your business or how to find it, you may as well shut the doors and go home.

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Attorney SEO Marketing: Why Finding The Right Keywords Is Critical

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Mar 28, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Finding Your Keywords Is "Key" To A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Keywords and Search Engines

  • While Google and other search engines no longer rely solely on keywords for ranking purposes, they are still valuable. They play a very large part in your content marketing and SEO strategies.
  • Search engines need to know exactly what your content is about. This is key to having your content ranked higher, placing it on the first page of search results related to your keywords.

A Good Strategy For Keywords

  • A good strategy for your content marketing is making sure you understand what keywords you should be targeting. Make sure an audience exists for the keywords you choose to use.
  • Your keywords should not just be based on who you are and what your company does.They must also focus on what your potential customers are currently searching for online.

Take The Time To Develop A Keyword Strategy

Now you know what keywords your potential customers are using in their online searches. Let's take it a step further and develop a strong keyword strategy.

For content marketing purposes, think about keywords that are being searched in each step of the “buying process.” Here's an example of what I mean using the keyword “food”:

  1. Problem Recognition – This is when your potential customers realizes they are hungry. Their growling stomach reminds them that they did not eat today. They need to solve this problem.

  2. Information Search – During this process, an online user may search using the general keyword “food”, thinking about ordering something to eat online. Of course, the amount of sites that will come in the results will be massive. Such a general search term will bring up literally thousands of sites. They must narrow it down.

  3. Evaluation of Alternatives – This is where they will decide, specifically, that they want “spicy food.” Still too many results. This is where creative content marketing keywords come in to play. They search for “spicy food delivery Los Angeles” to narrow it down even more. Right there, on the first page, they will find “spicy BBQ”, “spicy Japanese food” and “spicy Italian food” to choose from. They choose an online site where they can order spicy BBQ to be delivered to their home in Los Angeles.

  4. Purchase Decision – After reviewing the site, their menu, prices and reviews, they decide to they want to place an order with you. They browse around the site. But, if they are anything like me, they already know what they want and that's all they think they want. So, they use your site's search engine to search for items they wish to purchase. They add the items they want to order to their shopping cart. With your site's automated help, they remember to add extra sauces, sodas and desserts to their order. Once they have completed their shopping, they are ready to make their purchase.

  5. Post-Purchase Evaluation – This stage is just as critical for placing keywords for content marketing. Your customer truly enjoyed your spicy BBQ meal and your delivery time. They would like to tell someone, possibly everyone. At this stage, they may search for “los angeles restaurants reviews” so that they can share their experience online. This search term will take them to a page on your site where they can post their raves about your food and service.

A Strong Voice Needs Keywords

A successful content marketing strategy must have a strong voice behind it. The stronger your voice, the higher the chances of your content being found online. Your strong voice will ensure that your content marketing information is read and shared online with others. With online content, the best way to show your voice's strength is with the use of valuable keywords.

Learn More About How To Use Keywords In Your Blogging Platform

Building a successful website no longer means just having a website built.  Success online is found through integrating traditional advertising, content marketing, social media and specific strategies to get your site found online.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build your website and build relationships with potential clients.  Learn about how to find, and where to place long-tailed keywords to get your website found.  

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Content Marketing Strategy: 5 Easy-To-Implement Content Topic Ideas

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Feb 10, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

You Have To Stay Focused

When you're writing a web page, your web content needs to be focused and interesting. It should catch your online visitors' attention within the first couple of seconds. It should speak directly to your target audience.

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Hubspot Tips: How To Recruit Employees Using Your Hubspot Website

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Feb 03, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

This Is How I Built A Campaign To Recruit Employees....I Built A "Monster"!

I Have Been A Hubspot User Since Fall 2010

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Effective Marketing Strategies: 10 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Content

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Feb 02, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Effective Marketing Strategies For Content Development...

Today, everyone is going “green.” It's all about recycling and reusing valuable items. This article is all about turning old into new.....re-purposing what you already have. 

The same goes for content strategy. Re-purposing your content is all about reusing it again and again for different purposes. 

If the content is valuable and relevant, this can lead to higher SEO rankings.

10 Re-purposing Ideas

Re-purposing is not just for articles. It can be used as a content strategy for many different type of content. Here are 10 types of content that can be re-purposed and ideas on how to re-purpose them:

  1. e-Book – e-Books can be re-purposed to become blog content. Summarize different sections and chapters to create relevant blog posts. One 10 chapter e-Book can be easily turned into 10 separate blog posts.

  2. Video – A creative way to re-purpose video content is to have it transcribed into text. Once transcribed, this content can be turned into blog posts, website articles, even white paper.

  3. Press Release – Many small businesses put out regular press releases. They should always be published somewhere on your website or blog. You can even create a section just for your press releases, which will help increase the SEO rankings of that section of your site. This is a very unique content strategy approach.

  4. Case Study – Case studies are usually full of valuable content that can be re-purposed in many different ways. They can become webinars, video content, blog posts and articles. They can also be re-purposed to become very informative e-Books that can be downloaded directly from your website or blog.

  5. Podcast – Podcasts can also be transcribed to become other type of relevant content. Go through your old library. You'd be amazed how much information can be extracted from you Podcasts to turn them into blog posts, articles, video posts and e-Books.

  6. Webinar – These are a great way to re-purpose your content strategy. This promotional content can be re-purposed as educational content. This content can now become online press releases and video posts for your website and blog. Webinars can also be transcribed and re-purposed as informative article content and blog posts.

  7. White Paper – These quality writings require extensive research. They are usually informative and educational. Why let them go to waste. Re-purpose your white papers and convert them into slide decks, webinars, blog posts, articles, even eBooks for downloadable content.

  8. Offline Content – Do you have old brochures, fliers or sales letters that contain relevant content that may be of value to your customers? I bet you do. Offline content can be re-purposed to become great online content. Be sure not to upload the brochures themselves onto your site. You just want the content from the brochures.

  9. Reference Material – If your company has training guides and other reference material, use them in your content strategy program. With a few rewrites and a little tweaking, this content can be re-purposed to be as valuable to your customers as it is to your company team members.

  10. Blog Posts – You can creatively merge various, related blog posts together to create valuable eBooks or white papers. This is an excellent way to create advanced content for your calls to action. IE, “Register for our newsletter to download this eBook for free.”

Get Started Now

While re-purposing your content, remember the goals behind your content strategy. The purpose should be to solve your customers problems.

Your content should be fun, exciting and entertaining. Go through all of your old content now. You'll be so surprised how much more valuable content can be created by re-purposing what you already have.

You Have The Content, Now What?

Now you have to ship shape that content into something that has some SEO juice....So if you're not quite sure how to do that, spend 20 minutes and read my E-Book that is all about how to effectively use content marketing to promote your business.  Click below....

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