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Five Simple Tips For Managing Your Pinterest Business Page

Posted by Meaghan Edelstein on Fri, Oct 05, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms and largest driver of traffic to websites.  Now’s the time to jump aboard and take advantage of being an early business adopter of the site.  Those who are able to make Pinterest work for their business will surely reap big rewards.  Here are five simple tips to get you started with your Pinterest business page. 

1. Set Up Your Account Correctly

Recently I wrote about the right way to set up a business Pinterest account. If you haven’t already read and followed that post stop reading now! Go back to my earlier post and get your Pinterest business account set up correctly. 

For now Pinterest is designed for individual users and not businesses.  However, as Pinterest grows they will certainly carve out special features for businesses.  For now don’t worry about the fact that there are not specific business pages for Pinterest and build your presence in such a way that others can clearly see your page and boards are related to a specific business.

2. Monitor Whose Pinning Your Content

One very cool feature of Pinterest is the ability to track who is pinning images that come directly from your sites url.  To see what people are pinning simply go to pinterest.com/source/”yourwebsite”.com to see how many times each item has been pinned. For example: pinterest.com/source/dunkindonuts.com

3. Pin Videos

Who doesn’t love a video!?! Consider pinning videos on your various Pinterest boards. Video is hugely popular on Pinterest yet many businesses aren’t taking advantage of it.  If you have any good video or are willing to create some do it! To make this even easier, you can pin videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo.

4. Edit Pin Links

The whole idea behind pinning images and video to Pinterest is to entice people to click on said image and video. One of the most valuable features of Pinterest is the ability to determine where people are brought when they click on your content.  To do this simply hover over the image, click edit and change the url. Be sure to only drive traffic to relevant sites. If your image is an infograph about how to use social media the link should bring people to an article that discusses how to use social media.

5. Participate

The best way to become a Pinterest superstar is to participate.  Create a personal account, follow boards, build boards, post pins, re-pin etc.... It won’t take long for you to uncover some exciting strategies, learn Pinterest etiquette and uncover the mysteries behind Pinterest success.

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Meaghan Edelstein is the creator the "I Kicked Cancer’s Ass" blog and founded the nonprofit organization Spirit Jump to provide support to cancer patients everywhere with cards and inspirational gifts. 

Edelstein now shares what she learned about the power of social media to create a movement (I Kicked Cancer's Ass received national attention by the likes of Good Morning America, NPR, Cure Magazine, BlogWorld, NTEN and Mashable) as a social media speaker, conference producer, trainer/facilitator, and regularcontributing writer for Mashable.
Meaghan is also the Co-founder and CMO of Mobile Dealin' and a licensed attorney in the state of Florida. 

Read a more in-depth overview of her experience at www.meaghanedelstein.com

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