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Uncovering the Mystery of Pinterest for your Business

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 12:18 PM

I am a student of new technology and am always searching for the latest tech trends.  One such trend I've had my eye on is the social platform/search engine, Pinterest.

While most "Pinners" (Pinners refer to those who use the social platform Pinterest) use Pinterest as a fun visual exercise, it's clear businesses too can enjoy and benefit from the new and highly popular platform. But the question is, how!?!

For several months now I have contemplated "how in the world do I create something Pinterest worthy from my Internet blog...something visual....something worth sharing?" And then it came to me. My barn project!!

A Little Background On My Summer Projectuncovering-the-mystery-of-pinterest

Over the summer I have been reclaiming barn wood from a 100+ year old barn that fell down this past winter.  The wood I was reclaiming was meant for a project in a new laundry room we built over the winter.

It just so happened this barn was owned by family.  They were ecstatic when we reached out and asked to have some lumber.  To quote they said "...take the whole thing if you want....we were just going to burn it..."

Before starting the reclaiming process I took a moment to really looked at the barn.  This picture (to the right) is what I saw the moment I fell in love....100+ year old hand hewn timbers...the ideas began to flow....

And then the project began.

How 50 Pieces Of Barn Wood Came To Represent 50 Years

I decided to keep all the wood I could.  Taking the barn apart was a humbling experience. I realized how much lumber was there and as I was working I continued to think of ways I could bring this old lumber back to life.

This past weekend marked my parent's 50th anniversary. Their official anniversary date was last Saturday, September 15th, and a majority of our family attended Sunday mass with my Mom and Dad where they renewed their vows.  50 years, boy that's a lot of years!

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to come up with the perfect gift to mark the event, something meaningful that they could hang on the wall.  I came up with an idea, "50 Pieces for 50 Years" to represent their 50 years of marriage. Here's what I came up with: 50-pieces-for-50-years-reclaimed-barn-wood-cross

What do you think?  Is this Pinterest worthy?

It Doesn't Have To Be "Work" To Be Pinterest Worthy

I do some pretty cool things outside of my "work" life, and building the 50 Piece cross for my Mom and Dad got a lot of "ooohhhhs" and "ahhhs" and even my 7 year old telling me "...WOW, that is soooooo cool..!"  I finally got it, I should share this on Pinterest.

Not that there really is a "business" interest here (...oh ok, it did bring you to my site), but because you really never know HOW you might connect with others.

In the world of social media there are virtually endless ways one person can connect with another. Google searches, Facebook friends, catchy tweets, funny YouTube videos and inspiring pins are just a few ways social media works to connect one person to another.

Lesson Learned

The key to figuring out how to use Pinterest for a business is simple. Create real conversations around topics and ideas people will be drawn to. Your pins don't need to be selling a product or service, in fact they shouldn't.  Think of what things will connect people to each other, draw their attention and inspire them to share.  Use your imagination and think out-side the box.

Are You Wondering How To Use Pinterest For Your Business?

As you can see I am a creative type of person.  If your struggling trying to figure out how to use Social Media in your business, you may be trying too hard.  Let's talk about your strategy....


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