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8 Top Articles To Inspire Your Business Social Media Marketing Plan

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Sep 15, 2012 @ 06:29 AM

The Time Is Now To Develop A Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Businesssocial media marketing plan midland michigan

You have likely heard about it, in fact you are likely part of it yourself.  Chances are at a minimum you have a Facebook profile.  

But if you don't that doesn't mean you have to stop reading.  After all, if you landed here, you have at least a piqued curiosity over what all the buzz is about surrounding "social media".  

Here are 8 articles that do an excellent job of discussing the role that social media will play into the future of our marketing and advertising platforms.  

1. How To Develop A Strategy

Step 1: Make a plan. Rather than just leaping forth with Social Media because everyone else is doing it, sit down and have a long hard think about the reasons you need to 'go social'. Think about your: Business objectives and ...

Social Media Marketing Made Easy | Kate Toon Copywriter

2. How To Get Started With Social Media

Mastering social media marketing is something that takes plenty of time, work, and dedication. The basic information in this article will help you start your social media marketing plan. 

Is Your Company Investing In Social Media Marketing? Go No Further 

3. Don't Stop Your Other Advertising Cold Turkey, Learn About Integration

Steps For Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Plans. Traditional means of advertising are yielding less benefits with the increasing success ofsocial media efforts. Social media marketing ...

Steps For Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Plans - Livin ...

4. Grocery Stores?...The Last Place I Would Expect To Go Social

Print media has been a mainstay for the marketing departments of supermarkets and grocery stores almost since they first opened their doors, and new data reveals that won't be changing in 2012, reports eMarketer, citing ...

65% Of Grocery Stores Plan To Switch To Social Media Marketing In ...

5. Frequency Is A Key Element Of Social Media Participation

One of the keys to a successful social media marketing plan is frequent updates. To capture and keep an audience a small business must have a constant and diligent presence on any social media site they utilize. 

Social Media Marketing For Owner Managed Business – You Don't ... 

6. Get Out Your Camera, Forget The Stuffy Suit and Tie....Snap Some Pics Of FuFu

These two truths are undeniable, so why not leverage them in your business' social media marketing plan? Companies small and large are incorporating increasingly visual social media marketing strategies to drive social ...

Get More Social Engagement By Posting Cute Photos. No, Really ...

7. Yes, It Works For B2B As Well...Actually Not That Much Different

As B2B marketers assess the strengths and weaknesses of their SEO programs so far this year, the relationship with social media marketing must come into focus. As I wrote in a column last year, 66% of organizations with a ...

How B2B Marketers Can Develop A Better Social Media Plan This Fall

8. How To Know If Your Efforts Are Paying Off Or Not?

The social media world is rapidly transforming, the written plan allows you to mark how things change and to track success or malfunction. A good social mass media marketing plan also creates a practical reality without ...

Choosing The Right Platform In Social Media Marketing » Welcome ...

Want To Learn More?

I know...it is a bit overwhelming and that's ok.  I was in the same position you were 3 years ago, but I had the type of job and desire to learn this stuff so it is as natural as the back of my hand.

You likely don't have the time, so I have created a short e-Book to give you an overview on content creation, social promotion, online lead generation and mastering web analytics. Download it now to learn why everyone is talking about getting online.  You will be glad you did. 



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