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What Is Hubspot 3? Pure Awesomeness!

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 12:30 PM

What Is Hubspot?

what is hubspot 3
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I Saw A Hubspot Presentation..

Up until about three years ago, I really struggled to understand how to market online. I wanted to generate business online, but had no idea how to market a business online. It was around this time I was introduced to Hubspot. I just happened to be in a consultants office and saw a presentation of the Hubspot software. 

After I saw the demonstration, I immediately went back to my office and checked it out.  It was marketed as a Marketing Automation Software platform hosted in the cloud and I really liked what I saw. 

I Didn't Need The Free 30 Day Trial

Two days later, I decided I wanted to get started now and I signed up my family business website. I didn't mess around because I had spent the past four years in frustration spending thousands of dollars and getting nothing from my website.

If you are a business owner reading this, you are likely nodding your head up and down agreeing as you can likely relate to spending thousands of dollarsand getting little to no ROI.

"But My Website Is For Information...."

I love the typical comment I get from business owners when I ask them out of curiosity, "Do you get any leads from your website?

More often than not, the typical response is "... No not really, we just have the website for information about our business....."

That is a pile of BS....that response is just a cover up for the fact that they are really embarrassed about how much money they have invested into their website and gotten no results.

The reality is they know they NEED to be online, and WANT to generate leads online, but they have absolutely no idea how to make it happen.

Before I Found Hubspot

I can surely relate, because before I found Hubspot, that was a perfect description of me, I didn't have a clue.

I was well aware that marketing in the future would move more and more online. But, I just couldn't figure it out!

Like you, I struggled with things like.....

  • how to write content and what to write about

  • how to optimize what I did write so that it could be found by search engines

  • how to participate in social media effectively

  • how to get traffic to my website

  • how to find out what was working and what wasn't working

  • how to find the right keywords

  • how to create a blog post; I tested different blogging platforms, but never got any results

  • how to create offers using landing pages

  • how to integrate a customer database for e-mail marketing

and I could go on and on and on......but I will spare you all the details.

After I Found Hubspot......

One of the very first things that I saw with Hubspot was the ability to manage all of the necessary activities that are required to market effectively online. Hubspot was appropriately named because it truly is a "hub" for managing Internet marketing.

I also liked that the software was set up for the DIY marketers like myself. I didn't have a big marketing budget, but I did have time to learn how to market online. Hubspot does a fantastic job of educating you about how to get results from your online marketing.

If you screw up and don't optimize something or you forgot to use a keyword, it tells you.  In a way it forces you time and time again to do internet marketing the right way. 

Hubspot Taught Me Everything I Know About Internet Marketing

The very first website I utilized the Hubspot software on, was my families electrical contracting business, Hovey Electric, Inc.

Before we had the software, our website was just a fancy brochure ..Yep, I told people it was just for information...) but now we are recognized as one of the leading energy efficiency lighting experts because of our website.  We wouldn't be there without the Hubspot software.

Here are some of the results:

Increased Google Indexed Pages

We started with 6 indexed pages, today we have 638 indexed pages

Visitors Increased 432% Over Last Year

We started with zero visitors each month, and this month we our traffic is up 432% over last year and surpassed over 5000 visitors this month.

If we stay on a similar track over next year, we should be near 20,000 visitors per month!! WOW!


We Now Rank For Hundreds Of Keywords

We started with Ranking for no keywords, today we have 298 in the top three search results, and nearly 500 keywords ranking in the top 100

We Generate Leads From Our Website

We started with zero leads, today we have a database with over 1000 leads  Yes, I realize traffic is not the most important metric. The most important metric is converting leads from the website into sales.

hei leads august 2011 vs august 2012

We Convert 2.5% Of The Visitors To Our Site 

In 2011 we generated just under 500 leads and so far in 2012 we have generated 733. Our landing pages have an average conversion conversion rate of 22%. The website has been directly responsible for over $300,000 in proposals and new work.  

So Why Does It Matter?

I am not giving you all of these stats to try to impress you. I don't have to do that, because I know what works and I have the analytical data to prove that it does work.

I know if I keep doing the same things that I have been doing, that I will hit 20,000 visitors per month this time next year.  At 2.5% conversion, I will be netting 500 leads per month (remember I only generated 500 all of last year!)

Wouldn't you feel better if you knew you were going to have that many leads coming in?

My point here is to show you how effective the Hubspot software has been for my businesses. I now run 4 different websites on the Hubspot platform with similar results. I liked the software so well I became a Hubspot Certified Partner.....meaning I help other business owners be successful.

Without it....I would be like you...sitting there with a 6 page website "...that's for information!"

AND Hubspot continues to grow and to make it even better....making it EASIER to get things done so I can focus on developing GREAT CONTENT.  

Here's a look at the newest version of the software.

Hubspot 3

I knew for the past month that there were some changes coming for the Hubspot platform.  

It was just announced this morning that there is a new version of the Hubspot software coming out September 1. I have been an active beta tester for the software for about a year, mainly because I like to get an early look at what is coming. 

The important thing to understand here is the dedication of the Hubspot team to improve the access and ease of doing your own online marketing in 1 spot, your "HUB"spot!

Here are some of the new and/or improved features....

  • Contacts and the Contact Timeline: The central brain of your marketing, Contacts keeps track of what matters to your leads and customers and how engaged they’ve been with your company.

  • Smart Lists and Segmentation: Smart Lists are contact lists based on a set of criteria; they automatically grow and update over time.

  • Smart CTAs: Powered by data from Contacts, Smart CTAs enable you to create images and calls-to-action for your website or emails that dynamically adapt to reflect the viewer’s interests, industry, life cycle stage, or other areas of segmentation.

  • Smart Fields: Smart fields are a long-awaited answer to anyone who is sick and tired of filling out yet another website form with the same information. As you collect more information about your leads, Smart Forms remove any field that has been completed in the past, creating shorter and shorter forms for your leads without sacrificing valuable information.

  • Email: Target specific segments, and personalize your sender, subject, and message body content with any field or custom field from your contact profile.

  • Workflows: Workflows enable you to trigger targeted communications based on a lead’s behavior. A divergence from traditional marketing automation, however, Workflows also allow you to update details in a lead's profile based on activity across channels, including social media.

  • Social Contacts: See which of your leads clicked on something you shared in social media, and quickly add them to a list to nurture. In the Contact profile, see how active each lead has been in social media and how recently they've engaged with you.

  • Landing Pages: Run an entire campaign from one view. Create, test and promote landing pages, then see which channels (email, social, search, etc.) are bringing leads to it.

  • A new iPhone app (I am going to love this!!)Learn more about the mobile app, or download it for free from the App Store.

Where To Go From Here?

As you can tell I am a very big fan of Hubspot. I can only imagine that the software will continue to get better and better in the future. I am confident the Hubspot management and team is dedicated to making our lives easier as business owners and marketers.

Want To Learn More About Inbound Marketing?

The theory behind inbound marketing e-marketing online can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. I put together an e-book that will show you the basics of inbound marketing. I think when you read it you will realize that the Hubspot tool is about the only way you can manage all of the necessary functions required to successfully market online.

Check it out here........


Or Do You Want To Dive In Deeper?

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