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Klout Scores: How To Understand & Measure Your Social Media Influence

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Jul 20, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

What Are Klout Scores Anyway?

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Klout Scores are the measurement of a person or business' overall influence online. A Klout score can range anywhere between 1-100, with 100 being the highest score possible.  The average Klout score is around 20 and a score of 50+ puts you in the 95th percentile.  

In the scoring process, Klout measures the influence rating based on an ability to cause others to take action on social networks. There are three factors involved with your business' score.

They are: True Reach, Amplification and Network Impact.

True Reach

True Reach is a number that tells you exactly how many people you're influencing. This number doesn't include bots or spam. It focuses directly on the amount of people who are actually taking action with your content.

When you post in your social network, these are the people who tend to respond to them. It also includes those that tend to share your content online.


Your Amplification represents the amount of influence you have over the people in your network. It measures the actual amount of people that respond to the messages you post.

It also measures the actual amount of people that share them. This measurement includes people that take any kind of action to help spread your post further.

Your Amplification score increases when people act on your content often.

Network Impact

Your Network Impact is an indication of influence you have over people within your True Reach. It's a measurement of how often top social networking influencer's respond to and share your content.

By getting your content shared by top influncers, you increase your Network Impact score.

How to Increase Your Klout Score

Many businesses have started to become concerned with their Klout Scores. It's a way of measuring just how much “clout” they have in the online world.

So, how can you increase your business' Klout score?

Here are three great tips to help:

1. Be unique and create great content.

Don't worry about making posts a certain amount of times per day or on certain topics. There's no special formula to follow to build businesses' Klout Scores.

It's important that people relate to your posts. Things should emerge from them.

Delightful posts such as funny customer stories or introducing a new employee have a greater chance of being shared.

2. Pictures are the best story tellers.

Your business should be posting interesting pictures. Instead of adding plain captions describing them, use funny alternatives.

Find entertaining words to bring attention to those company picnic photos. Create humorous captions describing ways to not use your product.

Making people laugh at business pictures is a great way to increase Klout Scores because you are engaging your community in a unique way via likes, re-tweets and G+

3. Help people in your networks solve their problems.

Helping your potential clients and customers solve a problem is the basis behind online content. Well, this idea should be the influence behind your business social networking as well.

When people post questions for you, make sure you answer them. When you're browsing your timelines and see a question you have the answer to, respond to it.

Start a weekly “Ask Me Anything” session on your Facebook page. This will help produce dialogues on many different intriguing subjects.

Even if they're not related to your business, they will still help to build your online popularity, which helps to increase Klout Scores.

What's My Klout Score?

Well, I took this shot right from the Klout.com website.  A score of 51 means I am in the top 95 percentile.  I am not bragging at al (ok, maybe just a little.....)just showing you how your Klout profile looks.  

How did I get there?  I never set out on this journey of Internet marketing to improve my Klout score. For the past 2 years I have authored over 200 blogs, participated regularly in 4 social media networks and have developed over 1200 pages of Google indexed pages.  I create a lot of content! 

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Does It Really Matter?

You have to use your own judgment.  I have to admit that it has been good to see it rise to where it is now.  

I have been seeing the score more and more over the past several months.  

When I first saw it, I thought it really didn't mean much. But as social media becomes more and more important, I think Klout score will become much more relevant in the future especially for those who want to get hired into social media positions.  

Who would you hire.....A candidate with a score of 20 or a candidate with a score of 51?

Not Sure Where To Begin With Your Klout Score

Like I mentioned above, when I started developing websites, I just wanted to learn how to market my businesses online and generate leads and sales.  That should be your focus, not necessarily a score.

But tracking your score is another way to measure your effectiveness or even the effectiveness of someone you might hire to help you do your social media work. 

While we cannot directly impact your Klout score, we can help you to begin building the the right content on your website to begin engaging with your community of potential customers.

Engagement and 2 way participation are critical to begin building and influencing your Klout scores.   This includes a Internet marketing strategy, content development, social media promotion, lead nurturing and social media analytics. 

Learn How To Build A Lead Generation Website That Will Organically Grow Your Klout Score



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