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How To Prevent Losing 25% Of Your Opt In Email List Annually

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Jul 14, 2012 @ 03:21 PM

Most Opt-In Email Lists Drop Off 25% Annuallyopt in email drops 25% annually

In general, there are a few things to always employ when it comes to email marketing in order to avoid spam complaints, vast numbers of inactive subscribers, and other factors that contribute to the typical 25% rate of email list attrition per year.  

Make Sure It Is A Good List

First of all, make sure that any mass email list that you utilize is a carefully curated repository of users who have actively volunteered their personal information via an opt-in email marketing setup.  

Opt In Email 

While opt-in email marketing campaigns are a good way to minimize spam complaints, as opposed to either buying a bulk email lists or automatically signing up customers for further mailings without their express consent, you should always add another layer of security for nearly bulletproof results.  

A double opt-in email marketing setup requires the would-be recipient to not only volunteer their email address to your company for further mailings, but also requires the email address holder to confirm that request via an automated verification email.  

This ensures that just about anyone on your email marketing list is there by their own full and knowledgeable consent, but as the 25% average attrition rate mentioned above might indicate, getting these email addresses and keeping the interest of the account holders that provide them over time are two different things.

Keep The Content Relevant and Interesting

Keeping your content optimized for relevance and refraining from sending these mass emails to your customer base unless and until something new and exciting happens is probably the best way to maintain the custom, respect, and goodwill of those people who have entrusted you with the proper handling of their email address and other personal info. 

For example, the average customer does not care about new developments in your supply chain, unless those changes will directly and imminently affect the cost of your products and services.

Change It Up; Don't Send The Same Thing Over And Over Again

Additionally, while notifying your customers of any promotions going on at the moment is generally a good use of your email marketing list, sending the same type of email on the same exact topic over and over again can and will simply annoy the people who have trusted you not to abuse the privilege of handling private contact information that they have provided in the past. 

It's All About Keeping Your Customer Happy, Not Spammy!

Be sure to offer relevant and exciting information and discounts whenever available, and remain dedicated to the double opt-in email marketing format for best results.

Keep all aspects of the the opt in email marketing sent out as entertaining and useful as you can, and your attrition rate should remain well below the typical 25% loss per annum!

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