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3 Tips To Attract Customers With Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Sep 25, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Social media and content marketing are two of the most effective and reliable methods of3-tips-for-your-social-media-marketing-plan driving business in the twenty-first century.  New media marketing allows businesses to have direct and real-time conversations with target audiences and vice versa.  This opportunity opens the door for audiences to engage with businesses, voice their opinions, share concerns and ask questions.  Never before, in the history of marketing, did this type of opportunity exist. However, it's worth noting that simply building and using social media channels or creating content via a blog is not necessarily going to produce results in and of itself.  In order to find true success in this new market place one must provide a consistent and valuable presence,  keeping the audience interested and coming back.

1. Provide Value

When it comes to social media you should know when and how to draw the line between seeking attention and spamming. A reputation as a spammer can be extremely harmful!  Once you’ve been branded a spammer it will be difficult to be taken seriously.  Before pushing out content  through social platforms ask yourself, “Is this valuable to my audience?”.  If the answer is "no" do not push that content out.  If the message will add value to your online community then post, tweet and share away.  In fact, push that content out through various social platforms.  The goal is to add value to the social conversations and as a result you will please your community and attract new customers.

2. Join the Conversation

If you’re just starting out and hoping to draw new eyeballs to your social platforms consider joining relevant open groups and communities that relate to your industry.  Engage in conversation and make connections with other folks who show an interest in what you have to say.   LinkedIN is a great place to start with almost an endless number of active groups to join across a plethora of industries.  

3. Create Content

Blogging is a form of social media marketing.  However, the blog allows for deeper conversations. With blogging businesses can share valuable information in the form of a blog post.  Potential and current customers of the business are then encourage to leave comments with their questions, input, suggestions etc...  In fact, the readers can use commenting as a way to reflect on the blog post and each others comments.  In addition, the business should also consider leaving comments so as to continue to participate in the conversation.

Be sure your blog posts are between 300-500 words, are content rich and consistent.  Your blog can be used to answer frequently asked questions, explain the latest projects and undertakings of your business, and cover industry relevant news. The more informative and authoritative your blogging efforts are, the more likely readers will begin to see your business as a reputable and authoritative source.  Keep the conversation going, and your reputation should benefit immensely over the years!

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