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Business Blogging: 4 Tips For Developing a Killer Content Strategy

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Are You Using Business Blogging, But Not Getting Any Results?business blogging for beginners

Here Are Some Tips.....

In the realm of business blogging, too many enterprises often fall into the trap of rehashing old content or posting uninteresting miscellanea in order to keep their content frequently updated.

This is a mistake that can render your blog almost completely irrelevant in the context of promoting your business at large, so it is important to realize exactly what the practice of successful business blogging for the long term usually includes. 

1.Make It Worth Their Time

First, make sure that any blog content that is written under your particular business name is something that any reader interested in your particular industry or any related subject matter would find valuable and worth their time.  

For example, finding a relevant article on your business from anywhere around the web and adding your insight and commentary to it via your blog would be a great way to generate an interesting conversation on the topic.  

2.Don't Just Copy/Paste 

Simply posting a link and/or copying an excerpt from the same article, however, provides little value to any readers you might have.  This latter example can leave your blog readers feeling less than valued, and as if you care very little about the potential connections that a blog can create.  

Make sure that any blog content you create is something that leaves the reader feeling informed and valued, and that generates a number of insightful comments and feedback to the piece.

3.Use For Company News and Bulletins

Besides industry news and commentary, your blogging efforts can be put to excellent use via more specific company news bulletins, as well.  

For example, if you are planning to introduce a new product or service to your company's offerings, a blog post detailing this upcoming development and the thought processes that went into it can really make your readership feel like part of the day to day workings of your business.  

4.Use Blogs For Gaining Customer Perspective

This type of announcement blogging can also be used to get feedback on these developments before they are finalized, allowing those who are most likely to use them to give you up to the minute advice on what they would most like to see from your company.  

Time To Start The Conversation

Of course, if you are pondering a decision that affects any portion of your company, you can also use your blog to get some input from your readership, as well.

People who are fans of your product or service are likely to develop a high degree of loyalty to your company if you make them feel included in the day to day decisions of your business.

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