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3 Steps To Find Your Business Blogging Voice

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Nov 05, 2012 @ 09:05 AM

For an entrepreneur new to the world of business blogging, finding your voice can seem like ahow-to-find-your-business-blogging-voice Herculean task.  Not to worry! Even if your writing background is minimal, uncovering the proper voice for your blog will be far less difficult than you might initially think.

Here are three simple steps for building a powerful blogging voice. 

1. Craft On-Point Blog Posts 

One of the first things to shape your blog voice will be topic selection.  What blog posts you choose to craft will begin to form your blogging voice immediately. For the most part, coming up with blog posts is as simple as is deciding what topics relate to your business and interest you and then delivering that content in as interesting a fashion as possible.  

When done well your blog post topic selection efforts can prove to be a stellar way to define the voice of your blog. 

2. Be Authentic and Welcoming

When trying to find your blogging voice, try to keep your writing as authentic and conversational as possible.  

For example, when you create an outgoing link within your post be sure to include your thoughts and perspective and ask for your readers feedback as well. This gives your readers an opportunity to evaluate your source material, and offer additional information (or perhaps a counterpoint,) to your commentary.  

This can prove to be an invaluable way to get immediate feedback and insights on the important issues of the day that relate to your particular industry.

 While doing this keep your voice consistent and friendly, and establish early on that you encourage and welcome an exchange of ideas on your blog.   

3. Establish Clear Guidelines

Make sure to establish rules about respecting other commenter's and implement a zero-tolerance spam policy.  Be doing these things you should be able to create a pleasant and mutually informative dialog between yourself and your target audience.  

If people feel as if their opinions are being seriously evaluated and responded to by the blogs author they are much more likely to patronize or recommend that business in the future. 

When replying to comments on your blog always be respectful, even when there is a difference of opinion.  It's fine to let people know you will not be incorporating their ideas into your enterprise, but it is unwise to alienate people who may simply not share your perspective.

Again, keep things friendly and diplomatic while remaining as informative as possible, and your blogging efforts should prove to be well worth your time! 

Want To Learn More About Business Blogging?

While finding your business blogging voice is important to building an audience, understanding all the elements required for a successful inbound marketing strategy is just as important.  While finding your voice, you need to know how to direct it so that potential cusomers can find you.  Download our FREE e-Book to learn more....


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