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Strategic Social Marketing For Professional Service Businesses

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 @ 08:29 AM

Still Wondering Why Social Media Is Important?

social media marketing for professionals

In many vital professions, there seems to be no shortage of well-established business owners who are still asking themselves "What is social media?"  

If you find yourself among that number, particularly if your profession is in the legal, accounting, financial planning, or insurance fields, you can certainly be forgiven for wondering how exactly this new media can benefit your business overall.  It can be a bit too overwhelming even for those of us who use it everyday. 

The social media strategies for Professionals in these fields are often not particularly obvious, so the "What is social media, and how do we use it to our advantage?" query is one that many online marketers are often asked by skeptical customers in these important professions.

Are Your Customers Using Social Media?

This is the answer I tend to always get when talking about social media, "but MY customers are not using social media...".  Well, just because you may not be, doesn't mean your customers are the same as you.  

Not sure? Do you really know who your customers are?  

I found this article that details an excellent breakdown on the demographics of the top social media platforms, you may be surprised: 

Read the article here, Report: Social network demographics in 2012

If you don't have time to read, this chart should make something very clear; social media is most definitely not just for the young.

Can Lawyers Benefit From Social Media?

When a lawyer asks how social media can be used to their benefit, the possibilities are almost endless.  Since the law is by nature a dynamic field, keeping up with the new laws and regulations can sometimes seem like a full-time job in itself.  

However, legal professionals can establish their own social media outlets not only as a venue for posting important changes and updates regarding their practice, but also as a way to inform the public on new laws that affect all of us.  

For example, a practice that specializes in criminal defense might want to use their social media accounts to notify the public of new statutes governing the admission of evidence, sentencing statutes, et cetera.

A family law practice might want to link to various articles and information regarding updates and changes in related to custody or divorce.    

This type of consistent updating of various laws and regulations can help to establish your practice as one full of diligent professionals who keep up with the times, encouraging both new and existing customers alike to offer you their business whenever possible.

Here is a post about how to implement a fully optimized law firm social media strategy. Topics include metrics, strategy, objectives, platforms, etc. 

Read the article here, How To Implement a Law Firm Social Media Strategy | Social Media ...

What About Accountants and Financial Planners?

For Accountants and Financial Planners, the question of "What is social media, and how can we use it?" is one that requires a bit more of an understanding regarding what both new and existing clients are looking for.  

In these fields, new customers are generally looking for a knowledgeable professional who can help them to manage their money wisely, and existing customers want to be reassured that choosing your practice was a wise decision.  

Not sure which social media platform is right for you?  At least check out LinkedIN...here's what Intuit has to say about it:

"LinkedIn has been the most popular social network with accounting professionals for the past two years, according to the most recent SocialCPAs Social Media Survey. SocialCPAs just launched its third annual SocialCPAs ..." 

Read the article here, Is LinkedIn Still #1 Among Accounting Professionals? | Intuit News ... 

By using social media accounts to post tips and tricks on how to make your bookkeeping and other basic financial decisions easier on a day to day basis, you can establish your practice as one that is uniquely attuned to the needs of the consumer.  

It begins the conversation and trust building needed to bring new customers into your business. 

Useful For Insurance Professionals?

In the field of Insurance, your social media accounts can be used to let both potential and existing customers know of any tips and tricks to lower their premiums, as well as any new or pending legislation that might have an effect on the rates that you charge.  

Showing people that you care about providing them with a great product at a reasonable price is a wonderful way to get and keep the attention of any who come across your social media presence!

Don't believe me? Here is another article that gives you some ideas on how Insurance professionals can use social media.... 

"Let's say one of your high-value customers is about to have his insurance claim rejected. When will the right people in your organization know and how will they respond? Chances are that social media doesn't appear in your ..."

Read the article here, Social Media for the Insurance Industry: Deriving Value from ...

It All Boils Down To Understanding Your Customer

Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting implementing anything that is not valuable to your firm. If you truly understand your customer, then it should be no problem identifying which platform would be the best for your firm.  

If you haven't started, it's not too late, but if you continue to wait, you are passing up an excellent opportunity to develop new customer relationships.  

Want To Learn More?

I know...it is a bit overwhelming and that's ok.  I was in the same position you were 3 years ago, but I had the type of job and desire to learn this stuff so it is as natural as the back of my hand.

You likely don't have the time, so I have created a short e-Book to give you an overview on content creation, social promotion, online lead generation and mastering web analytics. Download it now to learn why everyone is talking about getting online.  You will be glad you did. 




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