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Google Plus For Small Business: The What And Why For Small Business

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Jul 17, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Do You Love It Or Hate It...Google+ The Newest "Serious" Player In Social Mediagoogle plus business uses

If you are like many people in 2012, you either love the social media wave and have been a guru for years, or else you hate it because you didn't understand how to use it and have spent all your time avoiding it.

Google for business is about to change how you feel about that.

The Internet Back Then....The 90's

It took businesses quite a while to catch on to the world of possibilities of the Internet. In the early 90's, it was still required to have a listing in the local Yellow Pages in order to "prove" you had a business.

The Internet Now.....Today

Now in 2012, businesses are "required" to have a website in order to validate themselves and look legitimate- and that website needs to be on the front page of Google if a business expects to remain competitive.

You Have To Know What You Are Doing To Get Found Online

In the last ten years, the Internet has become so inundated with users, that without a lot of knowledge, experience, and tech savvy it becomes virtually impossible for small businesses to compete or stand out in the crowd.

Somewhere in there, some really smart folks recognized the of advantages of using Google for business expansion to grab the next competitive edge.....and it's working!

Google Is Part Of Every Businesses Marketing Tool Box....IF They Are Paying Attention

People have returned to using Google for business on the Internet because it makes it easier to stand out in the crowd of social media. With millions of Facebook users and millions of daily Tweets, it’s also becoming more time consuming.

Smartphones have made it so easy for people on the street to update their social media that it has become a never-ending, time-eating monster. It is becoming harder and harder to keep up.

Chase The Crowd Or Lead The Crowd?

However, ask yourself one question- would you like to be perpetually chasing after the crowd, or would you like to lead the crowd?

By using the newest member of the social media family, Google Plus, you will reinforce your name recognition and relationships with your contacts, while providing your contacts with the relevant up to date information they need in order to make informed financial and business decisions.

Is Google+ The Greatest....Or Will It Be?

Forward-thinkers have already decided that Google Plus is slated to be the greatest up-and-coming social media site, and those individuals and businesses who find it and use it first are the ones who are going to have the greatest advantage in the competitive online world.

Unlike current social media sites, Google Plus gives users the ability to group their contacts and address them separately from the entire pool of contacts, giving the user complete control over their marketing audience.

The Like Button vs The +1 Button

Once that is done, this is where things get cool; instead of your audience using a Like button to give you a pat on the back when they agree with you or like your content, they can use a +1 button to validate your website.

+1 Is A Vote For Legitimacy

Google can then use this to compare your website with your competitor's- and give you the "legitimized" stamp of approval and help boost your Google rankings, giving YOU the competitive advantage over companies that have bought their Google rankings with shady, black-hat SEO tricks.

Google+ Posts Become Searchable

One of the most important reasons I use Google+ is for the shear fact that my posts become visible to search engines.  

This is not the case with the other big players; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.  Of course within each of those, your posts are searchable, but I like the idea of having my work exposed to many rather than just my friends.  

I may be able to find a friend that has similiar interests by being accessible through normal search engine searches. 

How Will You Use Google+?

Now, individuals and companies that rely on search engines like Google for business exposure have one more tool in their arsenal to beat competition. Best of all, this tool actually saves time rather than steals it; in addition, you can have it before anyone else!

Learn More About How Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together

There is no one solution for where you need to be online.  You never know where a lead may come from, so it is important to continually create content and make it available in as many places as you can.  

Learn more about the relationship between social media and content marketing in my FREE ebook.  Just click below for a copy....

Do you love or hate Google+?

Are you going to use it for your small business?

Let us know in the comments section below.....


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