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Blogging For Beginners: 5 Tips For Better Business Blogging

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Jul 12, 2012 @ 01:54 PM

The Hardest Part Of Blogging For Beginners, Is Getting Started....

blogging for beginners getting started

In the realm of business blogging, many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck for ideas when it comes to interesting content.  

However, since a blog can prove to be one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers in any industry, it pays to know how to spark an informative conversation and get a helpful dialog going under your banner.  

1.Understand What Your Customers Are Interested In

No matter in what line of work you might make your living, the beauty and success of the world wide web lies in its ability to bring people with mutual interests together, however strange or outlandish they might be.  

Make sure that your blog provides a degree of insight and value to the reader, and your efforts should be rewarded with a loyal customer base and useful feedback loop in due time!

2.Engage Your Customer

One of the best ways to use your blogging efforts to boost your business lies in bringing the customer into the fold.  

For example, if your company is planning on rolling out a new product or service, your blog can serve as a great way to test the waters before any monies are laid out.  

If you illustrate your planned new offerings and the rationale behind their inception in a blog post, be sure to add a sincere query for feedback to your missive.  

3.Interact With Those Who Interact With You

Be sure to acknowledge helpful comments, and to also demonstrate the fact that you plan to take any solid advice and well-thought-out opinions under serious consideration.  

If your customers feel like they are being addressed as individuals and that their opinions and feedback can make a real difference in a business that they patronize, they are likely to reward you with a steady stream of work in the future.

4.Run Out Of Content Ideas -or- Don't Know Where To Start?

If you have no new or updated plans on the table at the moment, that's ok.  You can create a Google news alert for certain keywords related to your industry, and keep an eye out for any new articles that might make for interesting blogging material.  

If you find an article or other newsworthy item that relates to your industry, go ahead and post a link to the piece in question, along with a few lines of commentary and opinion of your own.  

5.Ask For Feedback

As always, make sure that your blog post is designed to ask for feedback from your readership, and ensure that any comments remain respectful and on-topic.  

If you can get an interesting discussion going, your blog very well might quickly turn into an authoritative industry forum of sorts rather quickly!

Writing content and marketing that content online can be a daunting process.  I know, because I not only teach others how to get their website found online, but I also use the same strategy (….that’s how you ended up here….)

What Do I Know?

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I had to take action and learn how to do it myself.  It took me nearly a year to really understand how to make all of the required actions work together.  What did I learn…..I should have started sooner.

I consult several businesses and operate one myself.  I realized that it would have been nice to have someone help me out, get me to the results sooner. 

I can sympathize with the stress and lack of time you have to do just one more thing.  It’s not fun, believe me, but it is rewarding when your website starts working. 

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