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Sales Funnel Stages: How To Nurture Your Customer After The Sale

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Jul 04, 2012 @ 07:44 AM

Ok, You Closed The Deal.....Now Don't Forget The Most Important Sales Funnel Stage....sales funnel stages how to nurture your customer after the sale

Selling Existing Customers AGAIN

Once you come to the final sales funnel stages, it can be easy to get a bit complacent when it comes to taking care of the people you have already closed a deal with.  

However, customer loyalty and the repeat business that comes with it is critical to maintaining the success of just about any enterprise.  

But, it should be noted that there is a fine line between letting your customers know that their patronage is valued and essentially spamming them into abandoning your company in annoyance.

How To Maintain Ongoing Customer Relationships

The final sales funnel stages should focus on maintaining customer relationships by remaining on chatty, friendly terms with as many users as possible.  This can best be achieved with a useful, interesting social media presence on the web, which users can opt into at their leisure.

Offering things like discounts for existing customers every once in a while, in addition to notifying your followers about new company developments or relevant news can really go a long way towards keeping a healthy number of dedicated fans happy to let you into their online world.  

You Can Use Social Media, Here Are Some Tips

Try to engage your customers in a dialog by asking for feedback via social media on proposed courses of action from time to time, and make sure that any updates you post on a social media feed consist of content that you would be interested in as a customer.  

Updating a social media feed with banal, boring statements just to maintain a certain posting frequency can and will annoy your customers, so be sure to treat them as if they are friends whose time and good will is valuable to you.  

This kind of personal connection and respect for your customers as individuals can go a very long way towards establishing brand loyalty!

Have You Considered Email Marketing? Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing 

Email marketing is another commonly used method used to retain customers today in the final sales funnel stages.  The basic rules for this medium are the same as those described above for social media, ensuring that any communication that you disseminate is interesting and usable by the average recipient.  

Additionally, you should make sure that any email list that you compile uses a double opt-in feature in order to avoid sending unwanted communication to potentially interested people.

Making it easy for a customer to unsubscribe from your mailings if you so desire can earn you points as a good businessperson and a responsible web marketer.  

Again, the final sales funnel stages that encompass the sale and everything after essentially focus on continuing to make your existing customers feel like valued friends.  

Inviting existing and prospective clients alike to join a conversation online, asking for their feedback and taking it seriously, and respecting the time and input of those who communicate with you before, during, and after a sale are the keys to success in this particular endeavor. 

Learn More About All The Sales Funnel Stages

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