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What Makes A SEO Marketing Strategy Different From Advertising?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Jun 09, 2012 @ 07:17 AM

Understanding SEO Means Understanding The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

seo-marketing-strategy-vs-advertisingWhat Is Marketing vs. Advertising?

Marketing is the strategy behind developing a message while advertising is the method of delivering the message.  People often confuse the terms and consider them the same. They are very different.  

This confusion often takes place with SEO as well.  Most business owners think that SEO is Pay Per Click (PPC).  But like Marketing and Advertising, SEO is the strategy behind the Advertising and PPC is one of the methods of delivery.  

The PPC industry has been very good and blending the 2 concepts together as a method of confusion.  Advertising is always easier than developing an strategic Marketing plan. PPC requires that you pay each month and keep coming back for more, often with no results.  

What Is SEO?

Simply put, SEO is a process known as search engine optimization. It's purpose is to think in terms of how your future potential clients are using the Internet to search for information. This is where the thinking comes in.  You have to stop thinking as a business onwer and start thinking from your ideal client's position.  

What are they typing into Google to find your business?

If you can figure out what they are searching for online, and utilize the correct SEO techniques, then your website will appear in the top of search results. This process is called "getting found". 

Getting your website to appear is one thing, but actually getting the searcher to click onto your website is another.  By choosing the right keywords and using those keywords in your content, you stand a better chance of helping the person conducting the search with issue they are searching to resolve.

Putting SEO and Marketing Together

Now that you have a better understanding of SEO, its time to understand why you're someone who should be practicing it.

Writing may actually come a little easier to you, but most people hate writing.  It's not an easy process, but anyone and everyone who owns a website or blog should be practicing SEO in order to get more online traffic. In order to practic SEO, you have to be writing. 

Afterall, didn't you create your website to generate more sales for your business?

Static websites, or as I like to call them "brochure" websites will not get found without SEO practices.  If your site is a "brochure" website, the only way a future potential client will find you is by your name.  

(Plus, if your competition is smart and knows you are not optimizing for your name, they could be hi-jacking your results by using parts of your name for long-tailed keywords!) 

Just having your domain name be the only link to your site limits your potential clients greatly diminishing the possibility of building a customer base online. 

Why Keywords Have To Be Part Of Your Strategy

Utilizing targeted SEO keywords are the only way for strangers to find your site. Once you figure out which keywords best describe your particular area of practice, you then use these keywords in your website or blog URL, name, page descriptions, meta tags, content, backlinks, and much more.

If you simply do not have the time to optimize your site for keyword searches, a professional SEO Marketing Writer (yep...someone like me) can help.

More To Learn About Attorney SEO Marketing

As I mentioned earlier in the post, this is part of a content marketing strategy.  This article clearly explains the role of SEO, but there is much, much more to grasp.

I created a FREE eBook to better help you understand Content Marketing.  Just click on the book below for your FREE Download.  


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