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Attorney Content Marketing: How To Turn On Your Content Auto-Pilot

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Sep 17, 2012 @ 09:02 AM

Not Enough Time To Build Your Lead Generation Website?

how to put your attorney seo marketing on auto pilot

I had a potential client bring up a really good point this past week. He said "Jimmy, you have shown me what I need to do, but where in the hell do I find the time to do it?".  

Well, that made me think, maybe it would be a good idea to write an article about how to get the content done, sort of flipping the switch to get your content creation done automatically. 

Bad part is, it is sort of a blogging sin to promote yourself, so I confess, I am about to commit a little blogging sin.  But if I didn't, wouldn't know how you can actually benefit from content marketing with investing only 1-2 hours per month.  

We don't want content creation to be the only roadblock for you.  It is too important for your law firm to take advantage of the growing power of the Internet.   

Creating Content Is A Real Pain In The A_ _ ! 

It really is....and if your reading this article, you likely already know that.  I have been in your shoes, I have struggled myself to get content created for my websites (well...before I knew what I was doing anyhow).  It seems to float to the bottom of the list.  

Even if you hire an outsider to design your website, or signup for one of those "FREE" websites with "SUPER EASY" setup YOU still have to develop content.  The typical designer will ask YOU for the content.  

The FREE websites are templates, but YOU still have to put the content in place.  So if you don't understand how to develop content, your website will just sit out there floating in "web brochure land" where no one will come to visit.  

If you want visitors, you have to get serious about content. 

Top 4 Problems With Attorney SEO Marketing Marketing

I have been talking to several Attorney's over the past few months and they are telling me all the same things: 

  1. Not enough content
  2. Not enough time To Create The Content 
  3. You need more targeted visitors to your website
  4. You need to convert visitors to your website

Why Not put your content creation on auto pilot in order to help you make money online?

Airplane pilots use auto pilot to help them with the basic controls, such as altitude, direction, speed, etc... This means they only need to monitor things, with a minimal amount of work, to make sure the flight stays on course.

I am a private pilot myself, usually flying in a Cessna 172 with no auto-pilot.  Flying is a lot of work.  I never realized how much work it is to fly without auto-pilot until I spent some time in the right seat of a King Air.  

I have spent about 20 hours in the right seat the King Air and the most important lesson I have learned is how critical the auto-pilot function is to cockpit management.  It really eases the workload in the cockpit.

So that's the idea behind this article, I want to show you what happens when you put your content generation on auto-pilot.

I will be your auto-pilot, and we really won't be going anywhere.

I can tell you this though, if you flip the switch, your traffic will takeoff!

We will be in charge of doing all the work for you, while you do what you do best... run your business.

Are you ready to take off?

Let's look at the six main functions we will be responsible for when your content is on auto- pilot with us:

1-We Develop Your Content Strategy

POWER4 web content services can help you develop a content marketing strategy that's best for your business. Your strategy will be customized for your specific niche, making your brand more recognizable to the online world.

We'll establish the type of content that will be most beneficial to your marketing program, and the right production process needed to build your blog's popularity.

We will help you develop your online brand using a voice that directly relates to your target audience.

2-We Develop Topic Ideas for Your Blog Posts and Web Pages

We will be responsible for coming up with relevant topics for your blog posts. By focusing on the needs of your target market, we will be able to find ideas that help them solve their problems, in relation to your niche.

Your web content services will include topic ideas that capture the attention of your online visitors.

3-We Create Content for Your Blog and Web Pages

The job of POWER4 will be to create informative content, including articles, that are intriguing and educational. Our web content services will create a place for your readers to be interactive with you and other readers.

Content will be designed with SEO keywords and phrases, that interests your niche audience. Content that we create for you will include the following:

  • 100 percent unique articles
  • Current events, news and discussions related to your niche
  • Content written with SEO friendly keywords
  • Relevant authoritative, reciprocal and back links created

4-We Post Content to Your Blog

My team will be posting your valuable, informative content to your blog for you. While you are running the everyday operations of your business, we are posting content that is helping to build your brand online.

We will post SEO material that includes tags that will help build your blog's popularity with Google and other search engines. This content includes some of the following:

  • Articles
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Interactive graphics

5-We Analyze Results of Your Content Marketing

POWER4 provides complete web content services. Our full service features include regularly analyzing the success of your content marketing strategy. This means getting to know what type of content is most popular with your online visitors.

We will analyze where your blog traffic is coming from, how often users return, even what content encourages the most comments, likes, tweets, Retweets, shares, etc...the best part is, the results are transparent, now wondering how we do it, you see the actual analytics. 

6-We Repeat It All Next Month

This is exactly what we mean by auto pilot. Each month, you will find your blog getting more and more popular. In time, you will also start to see an increase in your online leads which then can develop into sales.

Content is King

This is the golden rule of online marketing, especially in relation to blogs, articles and other informative material. As a Attorney, you don't really have time to create content.

You need to be running your business. It would be very wise of you to hire an expert in web content services to help you put your content creation on auto pilot.

Want To Test Out The Content Auto-Pilot?

Check out our Inbound Marketing Packages.  You will see all that we offer in our content marketing packages. 




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