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Blogging For Beginners: How Often Should You Post To Your Blog?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sun, Apr 29, 2012 @ 08:25 AM

Making The Decision To Market Your Business Is The First Step...Now What?

Blogging Basics

If you have taken to writing a blog in order to garner interest in your product or service, you may very well have a few questions as to what makes a particular blog successful.

In general, ensuring that anything that you blog about is relevant, timely, and interesting to anyone looking into the subject matter at hand is a fine foundation on which to base your social media philosophy.  

However, unless you are writing a blog for a particularly fast-paced industry that changes quickly and fundamentally rather often, it should be noted that blogging just to keep up a consistent presence is likely to annoy readers rather than attract them.  

If your entries consist largely of banal and boring subject matter that has little or no chance of holding interest or engendering conversation, your efforts are likely to be for naught.

So, How Often Should I Update?blogging-for-beginners-how-often-should-I-post-to-my-blog

This depends.  There is no hard and fast rule pertaining to how often a blog should be updated, but if you have captured the attention of your audience and have started a dialog, once a week is a fairly good rule of thumb. At a minimum, you should be posting to your blog at least once a week.  

I try to post at least 3-5 times per week.  Not because I want to annoy my readers, but I have (I think...you may tell me different) a lot of topics that are relevant to business owners, especially contractors.  If you have great content, you should post as often as you think appropriate.  

The more you post, the more opportunities you have to rank for keywords and create indexed pages with Google which means more opportunity to get found. I have found that my traffic and leads correlate with the amount of times I post.  The more I post, the more visitors that come to my site. 

If there are several newsworthy or interesting developments brewing at once that happen to be potential blogging material, try to break up these developments into different blog posts of their own over a period of days or weeks.

Why Not Combine Subjects?

Two basic reasons.  

  • First, separate blog posts for different topics make it easier to keep writing fresh, interesting content on a fairly consistent basis as noted above.  
  • Secondly, keeping different topics separated into specific blog entries makes it easier for readers to quickly find and refer to a particularly interesting, helpful, or relevant post you may have made in the past.  

Whenever possible, employ tagging features on your blog in order to allow your readers to peruse your past entries by subjects; this simple addition can turn your blog into an easily navigable resource rather painlessly!

What If I Don't Have Enough Material For A Weekly Post?

If nothing of importance is happening, err on the side of caution and wait for something blog-worthy.  Again, people tend to get annoyed with a blog that offers little of import to read or comment on, so keep your entries interesting and relevant to your industry.  

Make sure that your tone is friendly, chatty, and engaging, and you should quickly attract a loyal following to your blog!

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