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A Blogging Process Map For Creating SEO Blogs On Contractor Websites

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 11:19 PM

A System Is The Best Way To Get Consistent SEO Results For Your Contractor Website

Here Is My Process

I wanted to share Stage 1 of how I prepare to write a blog post.  Few people actually realize all of the steps required to create an SEO optimized post that will benefit your website.

I thought maybe it might help someone else as well, so here is my map.  The map is kind of big, so there are some explanations of each step down below.  

blogging process map stage 1 high res jimmy hovey

1.  What Question or Problem are you going to solve with this post?  What do you want your reader to takeaway? 

2.  What keywords best describe this post? Brainstorm 3-4, but usually you have a pretty good idea what you want to write about.  This is when you go to your keyword tool such as Google, Google Instant, GoogleMarket Samurai or Long Tail Pro. 

3.  Choose the best keyword. You can analyze, analyze and then analyze the right choice, but at some point you have to decide what you primary keyword will be for this post, yep, just 1. 

3a. Identify long-tail keywords via keyword suggestion tool.  Long-tail keywords are important because it makes the article flow much better than if you just try to jam keywords into your article.  It will look ridiculous and Google will not like it, so just add some words to your anchor term...then you have a long-tail keyword.  (See this article)

4.  Choose 5 long-tail keywords for this article.  Okay, this is a little bit of a repeat, but the point here is that you need to narrow down to 3-5 for your article.       

5.  Choose the best long-tailed keyword.  Now you need to choose the most appropriate long-tail phrase.  This can be your main phrase for your article as it is much easier to rank for long-tail phrases over 1 word keywords.  

6.  Brainstorm 5 Titles for chosen long-tail keyword.  Titles are somewhat of an art form.  I am still working on this one, trying to find what works.  

7. Determine your final title                          

8.  What is the key takeaway for this blog? How do you want to make your readers life better.  For this article, I just want to help you build a system that you can use in order to make sure you have done all you can to SEO your article.  

9.  What are 1-5 key points that will support the key takeaway? This is sort of your outline of the article.  These are usually my secondary headings or H2 headings for my paragraphs. When you use secondary titles, it allows for the reader to quickly read over the article to see if they want to dig in deeper.  It may only be 1 and could be as many as 10...okay...or like this article has 17.      

10.  What type of action do you want the reader to take after reading? You have to show your reader what you want them to do next.  This depends on which stage of the sales funnel you are working on, but here are some ideas.....

        10a. Go to your Landing Page?                       

        10b. Download something?  If YES, list the source of the document       

        10c. Do you have a Specific Offer?  If YES, what is the offer?

11.  Is there a call to action button to support this call to action? Sort of related to the above, you need to make it easy for people to take the next step.  Is it a button, image, book cover or something else clever.  Just make sure it will get the readers attention so they don't have to think about where to go next. 

11a. Is your call to action linked to your landing page? Seems simple, but you need to make sure the button is hooked to something.  The moment your reader can't find the landing page, they will leave and likely never come back...so test your cta when you are finalizing your article.  

12.  Choose an image. What type of Image that would best visualize the relationship of the post? Images just make the article more appealing.  Most books have images with them and it is just one of those things you need to do when creating blog articles.  The image should try to visually convey the point of the article.  

12a. Link or Source of Image...just make sure that if you are using an image from the web or other source that you note that with text or link of where you got it.  

13. What will the alt text be for the image? Don't forget this one..this is one of the biggest mistakes I see on websites.  Using alt tags is one of the EASIEST ways to SEO your site.  It will help Google understand what your article is about. 

14. Is there an article to link to?Is there an event or another article that you can use for an EXTERNAL link? Maybe thats where you got your idea for the article.  If so, just keep track and use the link in your article.  Many times, I will find the link and then place it in my article even before I start writing.  

15. Does this blog relate to other blogs you have written that can be used for an INTERNAL link? Once you have a some blogging articles, you can link back to those articles for some internal link juice.                                        

16. Does this blog relate to any of the web pages on your website? If so what is the web page address?

17. Write the Blog article. Now that you have the mechanics out of the way, you should be able to crank out a really great article.  It takes some practice and I am still learning every day, but you get better with every article.  

Don't worry about being perfect, just start, post and post some more.  Most importantly, don't get frustrated with low visits to your blog page at first, it takes some time to get readership.  

There You Go, Looks Easy, Right?

Well if you're sitting there saying, "that's it"....umm don't forget this is just stage 1 and you have stage 2 and stage 3 to do yet.  If your the ambitious type, you can simply download all 3 process maps by clicking on the icon below.  

It's sort of like an e-book, but actually it is just a simple process I use for generating my blog posts.  I set it up in 3 stages, with a worksheet for each stage. So you can just download it and use the packet as your worksheet to generate your next blog.  

IF you get your keywords right, then you should see increased traffic to your website.  It has worked for the 200 I have created so far....so let me know how it works for you..(in the comments below)


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