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Attorney SEO: 5 Content Topic Ideas To Rev Up Your Search Results

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

focusing-on-attorney-seo-5-content-topic-ideas-to-rev-up-web-trafficStay Focused When You Develop Your SEO Strategy

When you're writing a web page or blogging, your web content needs to be focused and interesting. It should catch your online visitors' attention within the first couple of seconds. It should speak directly to your target audience.

Your Niche & Your Target Audience

  • Stay focused on your niche. Your niche is who you are, what you do and what you stand for. It is your expertise. Your content should always be about your brand and what you do. Don't dabble into other areas that are not related to your company's niche. Only write about what you know.
  • Niche marketing involves deciding who your target audience is. This is based on what audience may be looking for your product or service. This is the audience you should focus on when writing a web page.

5 Content Topic Ideas

I've searched this topic online too many times to count. No matter how many sites or blogs I visit, none has yet to give me straight-up, flat-out, plain and simple ideas. I had to come up with a simple process on my own. Here are five easy to implement ideas to help you create content for writing a web page:

  1. Product Information – Write a blog about your product or service. Don't try to sell it. Just tell your audience exactly what it is your product does or service provides. Let them read for themselves how it could benefit them.
  2. FAQs – Writing a web page dedicated to FAQs is a great way to build potential customer trust and retain current customer loyalty. Try to predict questions potential buyers may have about your product or service. Write content that answers these questions. You can also tackle customer inquiries on this page.
  3. What-To-Do – Write articles and blog posts about “what-to-do" something simple related to your niche. A good example of this would be content provided by you on "What to do now that you lost your license" or "What to do now that you are considering Divorce".  You could write a blog, shoot a video, post on You-Tube or even Google+. This helps build more consumer trust in you as an Attorney. They are going to buy from whom they trust. 
  4. Do-It-Yourself – May seem counter producitive to creating billable time, but how many people actually represent themselves in court. Why not go over the process, what you need to do.  This could also show the reader that they indeed need a lawyer because the realize the process is way too complicated.  They need to hire a professional. Since you were willing to provide the information for free, this trust factor almost certainly means visitors will want to hire your firm when they are ready.
  5. Current Events – Everyone follows major current events. Try incorporating them into writing a web page. Be sure to use the topic in relation to your niche. Here is an example:
  • Current Event: "Obama Care"
  • Your Company Niche: Employment Law
  • Your Blog: How the Supreme Court's Decision on "Obama Care" Will Impact Your Business
  • Your Content: Pick an example company and just simply discuss the ways that the outcome from this could impact the future of a business. You can use a type of business in the niche you represent. Top of mind, and your there.  

Niche Target Audience Marketing

This marketing method involves developing an inbound marketing strategy that seeks to solve the problems of your targeted audience with your niche. Do some online research.

Find out what your competitors are offering, and what your potential customers are searching for online. Then, provide content to help them with the issues they are searching to conquer. They have needs. Your job is to try to supply them online.

In time, this will help to increase your online sales. Get help creating quality content now.

Are You Creating Your Own Content?

Not only do you have to know if you are writing about the Right things, but you also have to write it the right way.  I created this blogging guide to help you put together a fully optimized blog post.  It's a FREE download, grab your copy before you sit down to write your next post.  Click me  


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