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44 Blog Ideas For Attorneys #2 - Immigration Law and Case Law

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Mar 15, 2012 @ 10:27 PM

Blogging Is An Effective Way To Build A Client Base For Your Law Firm...Need Some Blog Ideas?

Did you know that companies that blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don't?

I write roughly 15-20 blog articles a week...needless to say I sometimes need some inspiration.  I thought maybe you have the same problem, so at the end of each week, I put together some ideas that you may want to consider for your blogs (weekends are a good time to write...unless you have 4 KIDS!!).  

This should give you some ideas.  This week I chose Immigration Law and Case Law topics. Here are some ideas for this week; 

Google Trending Topics For Law Week Ending March 16, 2012

  1. Law school
  2. Law firm
  3. Law enforcement
  4. Family law
  5. Law schools
  6. Criminal law
  7. Common law
  8. Case law - 22 Blog ideas below

  9. Immigration law - 22 Blog ideas below

  10. Immigration

Blog Ideas For Case Law Discussions

  1. case law definition commercial
  2. case law definition corporate
  3. case law definition marketing
  4. case law definition personal
  5. case law definition office
  6. case law definition business decisions
  7. case law definition business interpretations
  8. case law definition finance
  9. case law definition business common
  10. case law definition business particular
  11. articles in case law affects businesses
  12. error in case law affects businesses
  13. topics in case law affects businesses
  14. events in case law affects businesses
  15. driver in case law affects businesses
  16. business case law samples
  17. business case law cases
  18. business case law types
  19. business case law calculator
  20. copyright case law samples
  21. copyright case law definition
  22. copyright case law list

Blog Ideas For Immigration Attorneys

  1. immigration law marriage
  2. proposed immigration law
  3. us immigration law
  4. immigration law questions
  5. immigration law review
  6. immigration law analysis
  7. illegal immigration test
  8. green card test
  9. green card questions
  10. illegal immigration questions
  11. ins questions
  12. uscis questions
  13. immigration law information
  14. immigration law review
  15. immigration law examples
  16. immigration law tips
  17. immigration law guide
  18. immigration law help
  19. immigration law cheats
  20. illegal immigration tips
  21. immigration tips
  22. immigration law faq

How Do You Use The Keyword Phrases? 

All the phrases above are considered long-tailed keywords.  They are researched utilizing simple Google search which you may not have thought of, so I thought I would put some ideas together for you.  

Choose 1 long-tailed keyword phrase; 

  • Use it in your title; 
  • Use it 1-2 times in the body of your article; 
  • Include 5-6 variations for the tags of your article; 
  • Be sure to use the phrase in your meta description; 
  • Don't forget to place up to 10 variations of the keyword phrase in your meta keywords. 

Long-Tailed Keywords Are Just 1 Element For Attorney SEO

Have you ever wondered why your blog article doesn't get any readers or are you an Attorney sitting on the fence considering writing blogs?  If your going to write a blog article, you need to understand SEO. 

Since it took me about 6 months to figure out before I "GOT IT", I thought I would put together a guide to help you "GET IT" a little quicker.  That way you can focus more on what's important.....ACTUALLY writing the blogs.  

Here is a guide I put together that will walk you through Attorney SEO Blogging Step-By-Step and there are 44 of them.  I have the steps all process mapped and laid out for you with a planning guide.  

Your welcome to download the process maps and planning guide for FREE.  Just click on the cover of the guide below.  Take a look......

Click me

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Do You Need Some Ideas?  

Not the Law topics you were looking for?  Give me some ideas for next week....Let me know what topics you would like ideas on in the comment section below. 

I would love to read your article if you use an idea above, get some link juice and leave me a note in the comments below(leaving your domain will give you a backlink to your site!)

Happy Writing, 


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