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44 Blog Ideas For Attorneys #1; Google Trending Long-Tail Keywords

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Mar 09, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Are You An Attorney That Needs Blog Ideas?

If you haven't heard, blogging is one of the best ways to develop relationships with clients44-blogging-ideas-for-attorneys-family-law-common-law online.  The process is often coined inbound marketing, content marketing or digital marketing.

It doesn't matter what you call it really, the fact remains that at the heart of each of the 3 definitions is a Blog.....and companies that blog get 55% more leads than companies that don't.  

What Is A Blog?  

If you landed here for "blogging ideas" then I would assume you are an Attorney who is already blogging.  But just in case you haven't heard of the best way to build organic website traffic to your website, here are some other articles I have written that you may want to check out.  

Writing Blogs: How Any Business Can Transform Their Website Traffic

Content Marketing Strategy: What Is Content Marketing?

You Will Eventually Run Out Of Blogging Topics

If you already write a blog or are thinking about getting started, you will eventually find that coming up with topics can be a very tedious process and is easy to develop "bloggers block", when you just don't know what to write.

Maybe that's not an issue for Attorney's, after all I have been on the receiving end of thousands of pages of legal ease...unfortunately!

That is why content marketing one of the best avenues for Attorneys to build a following. You have the knowledge and I have to imagine you also have the content.

I am sure there is some reason why some Attorneys would think they are "giving away" information but at the end of the day, who is going to go to Court without an Attorney?

Blogging is a perfect way for you to build relationships with your clients on a local (this works REALLY good on a local level) level.  

But What Do You Write About?  

I often run into this with my own blog so I thought that each week I could let you know the "Law" Topics that are currently trending and give you 22 blog ideas in 2 of those topics for a total of 44 Blogging Ideas.  

I could likely come up with hundreds of ideas based on these keyword combinations.  There are literally millions of long-tailed keyword combinations you could write about.  

Each week I will pick 2 keywords and then give you some ideas for blog topics.  Even if this is not your area of Law, simply reviewing other areas of the Law will sprout ideas for your specialty.  

Sometimes all you need is a little push, some inspiration for a super great blog post, so let's take a look at this weeks topics:  

Trending Law Topics: 

  1. Law School

  2. Law Firm

  3. Law Office

  4. Law Enforcement

  5. Family Law

  6. Law Schools

  7. Florida Law

  8. Law Firms

  9. Common Law

  10. Criminal Law

Blog Ideas For Family Law Issues: 

  1. Child custody laws [your state]
  2. Child custody rights
  3. Child custody forms
  4. Child custody cases
  5. Child custody information
  6. Child custody advice
  7. Fathers rights
  8. Fathers rights joint custody
  9. Fathers rights divorce
  10. Fathers rights family court
  11. Fathers rights child visitation
  12. Mothers rights child custody
  13. Fathers rights in child custody cases
  14. Fathers rights child guardianship
  15. Fathers rights child custody strategies
  16. Fathers rights child support [your State]
  17. Rights child support single fathers
  18. Fathers rights child support including
  19. Fathers rights equal rights
  20. National Fathers rights
  21. Parental rights
  22. Grandparents rights

Blog Ideas for Common Law Articles: 

  1. Ucc article 2
  2. Uniform commercial code
  3. Commercial impracticability
  4. Promissory estoppel
  5. Breach of contract
  6. Contracts under the ucc article 2
  7. Equity contracts
  8. Community property contracts
  9. Magna carta contracts
  10. Common law examples
  11. Common law case
  12. Common law
  13. Bill of rights business
  14. Due process business
  15. Equity business
  16. Commodity business definition
  17. Community property business
  18. Constitutional law business 
  19. Case law business
  20. Statutory law definition
  21. Criminal law definition
  22. Constitutional law definition

What To Do With The Keyword Phrases?

If your not sure on how to optimize your blog for maximum seo results, just use the keyword phrase above in your title, 1 or 2 times in your article, within the tags, in your meta description and meta keywords.  If you do this, your chances of appearing at the top of Google results greatly increases your odds of ranking. 

Want To Learn More About Content Marketing?

I put together an eBook to show you the 5 strategies that you need in order to have a successful Content Marketing Strategy.  Download your copy by clicking on the book below. 


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