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SEO Content Writing: How To Get Your Webpages Indexed By Google

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Mar 05, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

In the world of seo content writing, why are the number of indexed pages on your site important?

How Many Indexed Pages Does Your Website Have?

Not sure?  

Here's an easy test.

Go to a Google search box; 

Type in site:www.yourwebsite.com (yes, the domain you use for your website is the one you put in the slot "yourwebsite")....and don't leave a space between the colon (:) and the beginning of your web address. [Red arrow below]

Hit Enter; 

Look for number of results below search box. [Blue arrow below]

Review actual indexed pages. [Orange arrow below]

jimmy hovey seo content writing sample indexed pages screenshot

Does this match the number of indexed pages that you thought you had? You can also use more sophisticated software such as Google Analytics or Hubspot ( I use Hubspot) 

Most people are not aware of the actual number of indexed pages, but this article is going to show you why it is important to focus on building the number of indexed pages on your website. 

Examining the Basic Whys and Wherefores

In a hyper-competitive online world, making sure that your content and offerings stand out in search engine results can mean the difference between success and failure.  

However, many people who are getting into online marketing for the first time often wonder why the number of pages within their website that are indexed by major search engines are particularly important.  

Simply put, knowing how to get indexed by Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines is a major part of disseminating all of the information and offerings that your site provides to anyone who might be interested.  

The more pages of your website that are indexed by Google, and others,the more frequently your website is likely to come up in user search results for relevant keywords. 

How to Get Indexed by Google -- Site Adjustment

The first thing to bear in mind if you are wondering how to get indexed by Google when your site gets off the ground is to simplify your source code and page navigation as much as possible.  

Try to avoid placing too much of your important content inside Java and Flash applications, as search indexing robots will not easily be able to crawl and store anything that is not written in simple, straightforward text.  

Once you have taken this tip into account, make an XML sitemap file that can be added to your source code.  

There are plenty of free apps and programs out there that can walk you through how to create and add a usable sitemap, which is essentially an easy-to-crawl directory of all URLs within your site.  

This addition can go a long way towards indexing all of the pages of your site quickly and painlessly.

How to Get Indexed by Google -- Basic Submission & Promotion

Once you have adjusted your site code according to the above instructions, make sure that you submit your website listings to as many search engines as possible.  

There are many free and low-cost services out there that can do this for you en masse, so look for these helpful venues whenever possible.  

Additionally, start creating social media accounts for your site with popular services.  Start connecting with others who have similar interests without being spammy, and the existing popularity of these powerful social media hubs should prove useful in the realm of online marketing.  

Link to your site through these social media accounts whenever you speak about a relevant topic, and these backlinks to your existing web pages should go a long way towards successfully indexing anything and everything you have written.

Learn More About Building Indexed Pages With Content Marketing

The best way to build pages is to create content, optimize for search engines, promote your content through social media, convert traffic to leads and analyze what is and what isn't working.  

I created a FREE e book to show you exactly how to implement all 5 steps listed above...afterall if you are here...it is because I continuously add content to my website building indexed pages. Download your FREE Copy....


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