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What Is A Good Moz Rank And How Do I Improve My Score?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Jun 28, 2013 @ 04:39 PM

The Basics of Moz Rankings


In a nutshell, the moz rank of a given website can be described as a measure of the

importance and authority of the online venue in question.  This is very similar in focus to services like Google PageRank, for example, but the creators of this system,

SEOMoz, actually use a slightly different algorithm that allows for a more democratic ranking system with fewer caveats than some other competitors use in their calculations.  

While your rankings with SEOMoz and more traditional venues like the aforementioned PageRank are likely to be very similar, each provider offers you certain opportunities to improve your online marketing skills that another might not.

What Affects Moz Rankings?

As with any similar system, SEOMoz page rankings are designed to gauge the overall popularity and influence of a given site.  Things that can affect your final score include the number of links to your site from highly or moderately popular pages throughout the web, as well as the number of page hits you get per day overall.

The amount of high-quality link traffic (as outlined above,) is the biggest driver behind your Moz rank score though, so it pays to know how best to maximize these links ethically and aggressively.

Improving Your Moz Ranking

There are a number of different ways to quickly and legally garner several links to your site from other venues.  

First, consider joining a link exchange program, (taking care to avoid illegal link farms,) which allow you to connect and exchange links with others who have a similar focus.  

Next, find a few popular blogs that allow external comments from casual users.  Make sure that your website is germane to the material presented, and note whether or not there is a field available in which you can enter your site URL when you comment.

Add your insights and website links to the comments sections of popular blogs in your industry, and aim for a genuine rapport between yourself and the bloggers in question.  

Offer to do a guest post for a popular blog that you like wherever possible, and your SEOMoz-generated ranking should go up accordingly.

Social Media Use

The use of popular social media sites can indeed be a powerful way to boost your Moz rank quickly and easily.  

First, set up accounts for your site on the most popular social networking sites of the day, such as Twitter and Facebook.  Be sure to add your URL in the description wherever possible, as the high visibility of these sites should give your own efforts a bit of a boost throughout the web.  

Use your social media presence to post about important issues regarding your industry, including your insights and commentary wherever applicable, as well as using this tool to announce new additions or changes to your site.

Make sure that the tone of your social networking efforts remains as chatty, interesting, and conversational as possible, and people will soon want to follow your writings and re-post your efforts for their own friends to read, thus helping your

Never underestimate the power of connecting with the masses! Learn more about other ways to measure your online strategies with my Free e book.....


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