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How To Launch Your Website Using The Power Of SEO Content Writing

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Feb 13, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

SEO Content Writing Is The Fuel You Need To Launch
Your Website...

Who Uses SEO Content Writing?seo-content-writing-can-launch-your-website

Are you?  

Likely, your not.....but very likely you should...since you are reading this article to learn more about SEO and Content writing.  

SEO content writing should be practiced by anyone designing and implementing a website or blog.

This rule also applies to small business owners designing their own sites. If you want to get your website found, you have to be cognizant of your presence.  

How are your customers looking for your products?  

Do you really know?

SEO is a very important factor when developing your website. It is the main ingredient needed for bringing more traffic to your site. 

What Does SEO Have To Do With Getting Found?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the way search engines find your site. By using popular, searched keywords that are relevant to your content, you give search engines a way to index your site which in turn gets your site found.  

They use these indexes to find relevant content. This content is provided in search results.

By using the right keywords, you increase your sites' chances of being found online. This is called being “optimized”, in SEO terms.

By optimizing your site, including all web pages, page titles and page descriptions, you raise your search engine rankings. In time, this brings more traffic to your website.

When Should You Consider SEO For Your Site?

Is Your Site Already Live?

If your site is already live, try entering what you would consider as your top keywords in your search engine. 

Does your site appear on the first page of the search results?

If it doesn't, it's time for you to make some changes to your site. Start first by optimizing your site using relevant, highly searched keywords.

Haven't Gone Live Yet?

If your site is not live yet, optimize it before it goes live. Take your time. Do some research.

Rewrite your online content to make it SEO-friendly. If you need assistance, use the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool. It's an excellent instrument for helping you find good keywords based on your site content and current search trends.

SEO Content Writing Can Impact On-Site and Off-Site SEO...

There are two main types of SEO. They are “On-Site SEO” and “Off-Site SEO” development. Your On-Site SEO is what needs to be implemented first.

As your site becomes more popular, your Off-Site SEO will begin to build on its own.

1. On-Site SEO
  • These are the optimizations you can perform on your site yourself.
  • They include SEO-friendly URLs, webpage titles and webpage descriptions, keyword targeted content, HTML markup, internal links, content creation, etc...
2. Off-Site SEO
  • These optimizations come as your site gets more popular.
  • They include things like backlinks to your site from other people and other sites.

Why should you practice SEO website development?

Do you want to get found online?

Unless an online user already knows to type in the URL of your company, they are not going to find you right away.  Especially if you are making no effort at all to implement keywords into your website.  

The chances of new customers finding you online are very low. This means you are not reaching your potential customers and you are losing online sales. So it really boils down to what you want, afterall, developing content is not for everyone.  

BUT, if you are serious about attracting customers online, you don't have a choice especially if your competition has a head start, you will be playing catch up.  

Need Assistance?

A professional can make your site more SEO-friendly to bring in more traffic. There are (4) ways I can help you;  

  1. I can help you plan it out...(Strategy)
  2. I can show you how to do it.....(Coaching)
  3. I can teach you how to do it.....(Training) 
  4. I can do the work for you....(Services)

One of the best ways to determine what direction you need to go is to learn more about SEO content writing and all the elements of a successful web strategy. Want to learn more about SEO content writing: Download your FREE eBook, An Introduction To Content Marketing.

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Let's talk about your site, review it and see how your doing.  I provide a FREE 30 minute consultation on how to insure your site is optimized for SEO.  I will show you your strengths and weaknesses with a plan to improve.  There is no obligation, I just want to help you get better results from your website.  If I can help you with that, all the better.  

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