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The 5 Most Common Errors In Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Feb 09, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Developing Critical Thinking Skills First Requires You Understand What's Not Working....

Critical thinking skills are an essential part of problem solving. In the business world, being objective is key to solving business problems without using emotions. It's an approach that involves questioning ideas to gain the knowledge needed to make an educated decision.

Objectivity in Critical Thinking Skills

Objectivity is the heart and soul of critical thinking skills. Being objective is about thinking without prejudice or bias. In the business world, it's about considering all of the facts and using actual evidence to help make your decision.

Common Errors in Thinking

Here are the five common errors you, as a business owner, can make when you don't includecritical thinking skills to solve business problems:

  1. Partialism – This error happens when you look at the problem from only one point of view, examining only one or two factors. Then, you make a decision that's considered premature because you didn't examine all of the facts.

  2. Adversary Thinking – This type of reasoning is ego driven. You insist that everyone is is wrong, so you assume that you're right. This is the political way of thinking that politicians use to make them look more knowledgeable than their opponents.

  3. Time Scale Error – This is another form of partialism. With this error, you tend to look at the problem based on a short time frame, as opposed to the long run. Many call this being short sighted.

  4. Initial Judgment – This error means you are thinking in a way that is the exact opposite of objective. You are thinking subjectively. You look at the problem with prejudice and bias, instead of approaching it with an open mind.

  5. Arrogance and Conceit – With this error, you believe that the best solution to the problem is the one you're already using. No better method exists. The major problem with this error is that it blocks creative thoughts from shining through by ignoring any other suggestions for solving the problem.

5 Steps to Critical Thinking Skills in Business

Here are five great steps to achieving success using critical thinking skills in your business decisions:

  1. Define the Problem – This is the first step to anything... recovery, success, problem solving, etc... You must have a clear understanding of exactly what the problem is before you can begin to find ways to solve it.

  2. Generate Creative Ideas – For business owners, this is a crucial step in critical thinking skills. It involves coming up with multiple, creative ways to solve the problem. In a large business, this step is best utilized when the entire team is involved in generating ideas.

  3. Evaluate the Ideas – This process is also best used when a whole team or staff helps to make decisions. They examine the creative ideas, measuring the expected success of each one. Each idea is thought out thoroughly.

  4. Make a Decision – This step is usually reserved for the executive team, or the management staff. But, in successful companies, everyone involved in the daily business affairs have input. This can be done by conducting surveys or having a voting process within the company.

  5. Validate Your Decision – Once you make an educated decision to solving the problem using critical thinking skills, it's time to verify the factors you used to come to your conclusion.

Use Critical Thinking Skills to Run Your Business

The process of being objective in critical thinking skills should be practiced by the entire organization. This is done by not allowing your personal opinions or values to overpower our view of the facts.

Use critical thinking skills everyday for the success of your company. Developing those skills means educating, teaching yourself other viewpoints in the world.  Try generating some new ideas for your Company....How about a new marketing strategy?  

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Did that give you any ideas?  Where do you go to think....or are you just putting out fires? Let me know in the Comments below.  


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