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Why It Is Critically Important To Keep The Top Of Sales Funnel Full

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 01:00 AM

In The New Economy, You Will Have To Keep Top Of Sales Funnel FULL ALL The Time....

Do You Ever Have ENOUGH Prospects?

In general, the more people you can reach who are interested in your products or services, Jimmy-Hovey-Top-Of-Sales-Funnelthe more potential avenues you have to successfully close the deal.  

However, there are a few steps in between catching the attention of prospective customers and completing the final sale, and all of these steps are important to master.  

This entire process is often referred to in marketing circles as a sales funnel.

While each of the sales funnel stages play a role when it comes to inching your way towards a final transaction, the stage that we will be focusing on here is the top portion of the sales funnel. 

The Top Of Funnel activities include those  which is the process of successfully promoting a brand to your target audience.

Maximizing Your Prospects

Before bringing a product or service to market, there are a few things you need to ask yourself about what you bring to the table.  

First of all, what aspect of life do your offerings make easier, and who would be able to benefit from your specific products and services?  

Once you have an idea of the types of people who stand to benefit most from your offerings, you now have a target demographic that you can tailor your marketing strategies to.  

You need to be able to reach your target demographic wherever they are likely to be in venues both online and off for best results. The first of the sales funnel stages involves refining and strategizing your marketing plans in order to keep as many prospective customers as possible interested in what it is that you do.

Why Keep The Prospects Coming?

As the sales funnel stages progress, some prospective clients and customers are likely to fall away for any number of reasons, such as inability to pay, deciding that your offerings aren't quite what they were looking for, et cetera.  

As a result, the number of prospective buyers you have reached via marketing are likely to be far larger than the number of people who close a deal with you. Some estimates say that your email list can reduce by nearly 25% annually. 

Additionally, even loyal and long-term customers and clients can fall on hard times, so it is important to consistently generate interest in your company's offerings so that you can sustain the operation through thick and thin.  

Keeping the first of the sales funnel stages fresh by consistently courting as many potentially interested parties as possible is absolutely essential to the long term well being of your business, so make sure that the top of that sales funnel is always full!

Do You Really Know If You Have Enough Leads?

One of the best ways to keep the top of your sales funnel full, is to implement a web strategy built on content marketing.  I have been doing this for over 2 years now and I am really beginning to see the results from all my work. It doesn't need to take 2 years for you to see the results. 

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