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How I Grew My Electrical Contractor Website Traffic By 1,123% In 2011

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

In, 2011, I Grew My Contracting Website Traffic By 1,123%.......

What Kind Of Traffic?

Many people will dismiss traffic and say it is not important.  I disagree.  If you don't have traffic, you will never generate a lead from your website, it is just that simple.  You have to have traffic before you have leads. 

One of the web analytics I watch every day is the overall volume of all the types of traffic coming to the website.  My goal is a continuous rise upward.  More traffic means more opportunities for leads.   

Content Marketing = Growth In All Traffic 

I printed off the graph below from my analytics within the website.  This graph is looking at the entire year of 2011.  One of the nice things about working with your website is the fact that the numbers don't lie.  I can see my website is growing every single day.  

I began implementing content marketing strategies to the website in August of 2010.  This range shows August 2010 through the end of 2011. 

What Does "All Traffic" Mean?

All traffic is the aggregate of all sources of traffic.  Anyone can have traffic, but you need to sort out which source of traffic is providing the right kind of leads to your website.  

You want your site to be constantly growing. The only way you can continually grow your site is through continuous content creation. There are still many different ways you can get traffic to your website and here are all 7 categories of sources of traffic I watch on my website: 

  1. Organic Traffic

  2. Referrals

  3. Paid Search

  4. Direct Traffic

  5. Email Marketing

  6. Social Media

  7. Other Campaigns

    What are you seeing in your website traffic?

What's The Difference....Total Traffic Year To Year?

Total traffic coming to our website has changed dramatically from when I first started working on the website.  It took about 6 months to learn how to properly choose keywords, optimize web pages, develop blogs and monitor the analytics.  The difference in the years is staggering;

  • Total All Traffic To Site 2009 - Less than 100 visitors

  • Total All Traffic To Site 2010 - Just under 1,000 visitors

  • Total All Traffic To Site 2011 - Just under 13,000 visitors 

When Is The Last Time You Checked The Traffic Coming To Your Website?

Those who are serious about growing their websites need to watch their traffic stats each and every day.  There is always the opportunity to spot a trend, see that you need to work harder or even just to simply cheer yourself on.  The graph below is the one I see every single day when I login to my website.  

That Green arrow pointing up is always a welcome sign to see.  I know after 1.5 years of hard work and building content, that I shouldn't likely see a red arrow anytime soon.

Without learning the basics of content marketing, I would have never been able to achieve the numbers I am today.  

Webmasters don't seem to get it, and Pay Per Click tend to get paid because we are supposed to be patient to wait for the results.  The best results I have seen is building content that people are seeking.  That is how I grew this website by 1,123%

Learn More About Content Marketing

It took we almost a year to get a handle on how to create the right content for the website.  I had to learn the hard way, by trial and error.  You may still be on the fence if this is the right thing for your company or not. Learn more about how you can increase the traffic to your website in a E-Book I wrote called simply "An Introduction To Content Marketing".  

Just click on the link below for your FREE copy. 


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