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Contractor School Of Social Media: 4 Tips For Building Your Network

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 02:16 PM

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Contracting is a lot of hard work. If you are a Contractor reading this, you likely already know that.  You have your hands into many things and most days you figure maybe if you had a clone, you could get a lot more done.  Would some extra hands help you get it done? 

As the market shrinks, so does your ability to cover overhead.  While you spend time to get the job done, don't forget to create a lead generation system that can work while you are working.  Implement a social media strategy for your contracting business.  Social Media can be a great compliment to Contractor websites.

Creating a Social Media strategy is a lot more than just signing up for social networking sites.  In fact that is a key definition that I need to make clear.  Social media encompasses many elements of the web including social networks. 

A Blog, website, podcasting and video are all forms of social media.  The social network is where you build a community of listeners who may be interested in what you have to offer.

The World Is Changing....You Need To Understand Marketing...Especially Online

In today's ever-connected world, a good social media strategy is important for companies of all types and sizes. Social media is a melting pot of potential customers, advertising opportunities and branding solutions.

Proper use of social media is essential for contractors who are looking to position themselves as experts in their field.

Social Networks

The marketing aspects of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media tools are obvious to many people. Thousands of users connect on a daily basis, exchanging information regarding all manner of things.

Advertising in these spaces is less costly than traditional venues and often leads to powerful word-of-mouth campaigns. Although marketing is a firm component of any social media strategy, contractors can also use these tools to create an expert image for themselves.

Through marketing, communication and social presence online, businesses can position themselves as the go-to contact for their area of expertise.

Here are 4 tips for using social media to enhance your branding as an expert are provided below.

1. Provide Valuable Content

People will link to, like and share content that is valuable or interesting to them. If you are a Builder, provide some easy tips for hiring the right builder on your blog and Facebook page. Electrical Contractors might want to create lists of different electrical problems that one might encounter in a home. 

Provide enough information that readers find value, but not enough to solve all their problems. The reason for your content should be to make readers think, "This person knows what they are talking about. I need to call them for help with my issue."

2. Target Your Market

While it is true any content on the Internet can be accessed by people everywhere, you should target your intended market. Use keywords and information pertinent to the people most likely to become your customer.

If you are a Contractor in Texas, for example, offer information about purchasing Texas real estate. Unless you are willing to take on national clients via teleconference, a discussion of California-based wealth building tools is not going to bring you the correct clientèle.

3. Be Personable

The reason social media strategy is so important for a Contractor is because it allows you to interact with the potential client. Customers need to trust Contractors to act in their interest and need to be comfortable with how the Contractor will work well with them.

Keep your online personality informal but professional. If people enjoy your personality online while recognizing your experience and expertise, they will be more likely to trust you with their business or personal issues.

4. Be Consistent

A good social media strategy is consistent. If you opt for a blog, you need to update it at least once a week. Failure to keep track of your Facebook posts, comment occasionally or update your status gives the same message that a locked door and dark building does.

People will forget about you, because your doors appear to be closed to new business. If you do not have time to provide consistent content on your social media pages, consider delegating the responsibility to someone in your organization.

Social media strategy can bring in new clients and provide powerful exposure for consultants. Proper use of these tools can boost advertising, provide online recognition of your company's brand and position you as the expert in your industry.

Interested In Learning More?

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It has taken me nearly 2 years to get a handle on this, so I am hoping to cut the time a little shorter for you.  Just click the button below and it will take you to the download.

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