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Sales Funnel Stages: 4 Types Of Content To Fill Your Funnel

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 04:00 AM

4 Types Of Content Marketing Strategies To Fill Your Marketing Funnelcontent-marketing-strategy-making-open-content-on-website

When deciding how to approach your content strategy, you need to keep one thing in mind. Content marketing works in every phase of the buying process, from top of funnel offers to the bottom of the funnel.  

Here are 4 examples of the types of content that you can offer on your website.  I noted the different phases with each option. 

1. Open Content (Top Of Marketing Funnel)

This content is open to the public. Anyone can view it.

Typically, it may be your website, blog, Facebook Page or Twitter Tweet.

Approach: Provide new visitors with free, easy-to-access content.

2. Open Content With Registration(Top Of Marketing Funnel)

Requires users to register on your site or sign up for your newsletter to view the content.

Typically, it may be a white paper, webinar or download.

Approach: Include an opt-in, opt-out online registration form.

3. Free Content, But For Members Only(Middle of Marketing Funnel)

Users must register to become users for even more quality content.
Typically used for discussion forums and communities.

Approach: Start informative, relevant discussions that attract new members.


4. Content For Sale(Bottom of Marketing Funnel)

This approach can utilize more than one method. You may offer things for sale, but allow them to be free for members.

Your content may be for sale to all, but members receive a discount.

Then there's the fun approach. It's for sale, but you must be a member to buy it.

Either way, you succeed at lead generating that builds lists of customers that you can offer more content to later.

Typically, this approach is used for high quality webinars, magazines, eBook downloads or customized content.

Approach: Be prepared to offer the highest content available to your customers.

They have already grown to trust you as an expert in your niche. Make sure you live up to their expectations.

An Example of Open Content With Registration

I created a great E-Book called "An Introduction To Content Marketing".  It took a lot of time to put together, and it is jam packed with information. 

The blog ( 1. Open Content) is what you just read.  You have an interest in a topic which brought you to this page. Hopefully I did a great job in explaining this concept. 

If your interested in the topic an want to learn more, you can browse through the rest of my blogs, or download the E-Book that has 35+ pages all about Content Marketing.  It will cost you your email address (which I don't spam, by the way). 

Why would you want to share that?  Well you want to learn from someone who has done this and you want to have these articles sent right to your email or reader.  I have done the work, I have multiple sites I am building with content.  So get a sample of (2. Open Content With Registration). 

This will give you a lot more information, plus give you a great template to start on your own advanced content.


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