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8 Tips For Getting Internet Marketing Lead Generation Working For You

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sun, Jul 01, 2012 @ 12:59 PM

Is It Really Possible To Generate Leads With Internet Marketing?


I pondered that question myself for the past 10 years trying just about everything I could to generate business from a variety of business websites that I owned.  I never really figured it out and depended on the advice of others to show me the way.  

2 years ago I got fed up and FIRED my webmaster and decided it was time to learn this stuff for myself.  

I was always so focused on how my website looked and that people would just magically find it.  I rationalized that "well it's out there, someone has to come at some point, right!".   Well that strategy never produced one lead and in fact generated little to no traffic to my websites.  

That's when I came across inbound marketing....content marketing...digital marketing, 3 names for a similar concept.  Using words (the right words) to bring visitors to my website.  All 3 names are a little different, but they have the same basic characteristics.  You focus more on what your website says, rather than what it looks like.  

Don't Wait, Start Writing Now

My biggest regret, looking back is that I didn't start working on this sooner.  See, I like to write, so developing content has been a natural fit.  The only problem I had, is that even though I like to write, I didn't very often think about what to write or even what my customers might be interested in.  

So years went by, and I didn't gain any customers to my websites at all.  I let my frustration get in the way and just rolled over like most everyone else out there who just decides that it is too complicated to figure out.  

Once I started to think with my marketing brain, it was easy to find things to write about, and then before I knew it, I started generating traffic, then leads and then customers from my websites.  

But you can wait, you need to get off the fence.  The sooner you start, the more you will be ahead of your competition.  Here are 8 tips to get you started thinking about how to get your Internet marketing lead generation working for you: 

1-Focus On What Your Website Says, Not What It Looks Like

Anyone can build a website. Here I am, living proof that you don't have be a computer nerd to be successful with building a website. 

I have worked with Free websites, I have paid for some templates, I tried GoDaddy's version of build it yourself and I had a Wordpress style website for about a year. 

So what is the one thing all of these attempts had in common?

I never, never ever got a lead from my website....in fact I barely got any visitors.  While the experience of working with all of these different platforms was a great experience, I never got a web presence in the 5 years I was trying.  I was always trying to perfect "how it looked", and I never got anywhere. 

2-Don't Let Web Marketing Be A Struggle

I always struggled with the content.  I just didn't know what to say.  I have gotten over that now and have been working on the Hubspot platform for over a year now.  My days of having very few indexed pages and very little traffic are over.

3-Find Your Keywords That Your Customers Are Using

Do you know why I don't struggle any longer?  Because I learned about keywords and how to develop the right type of content for my business. By developing the right content, I use my digital assets to spread the message through blogging, social media, newsletters, and emails.

It takes time and patience to properly market it to build a loyal fan base within your target audience. Content marketing is one of the most innovative ways to achieve this. Content strategy is no where near as difficult as it sounds.

But, it does require some effort on your part to make it successful.

I developed some tips for you if you are new to the field of digital marketing...or shall I say content marketing. These are the things that took a boring old site that had 6 indexed pages  with 0 traffic to 396 indexed pages, with over 12,000 visitors in 2011. 

4-Listen to Your Customers

Provide a way for your customers to share their needs and concerns with you. Listen to what they are saying and do what is needed to help solve their problem.

One strategy is to keep track of the questions your customers are asking.  Use a blog format to answer those questions since there are likely other people out there with the same kind of question.  

5-Be Consistent

Be consistent with your message. Your content marketing strategy should include a brand image or slogan that should be used regularly throughout your online presence.

6-Understand Your Site Analytics

You should be monitoring your sites' performance. Real-time analytic tools can help you see for yourself which marketing tips and tools are generating the most traffic, likes, shares and re tweets. Make changes to your content marketing plan accordingly.

7-Use Google Keywords to Find Long-Tailed Keywords

Use reputable keyword tools to help you optimize your site or blog. These tools help you understand what words your target audience are using in online search engines. Make changes to your landing page, page descriptions and online content according to the most popular keywords searched.

8-Educate, Don't Sell

Your content marketing strategy should include ways to educate your target audience on your product or service, without trying to sell them anything directly. Your content should provide valuable information that shows your customers that you are very educated about your niche and skilled with your services.

In fact, if you would like to see a sample of what I am talking about, click here for a FREE E-Book to learn more about strategies for content marketing.

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