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Free Audio Podcasts: 5 Ways Podcasting Creates Remarkable Content

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Feb 08, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Use Free Audio Podcasts To Build Remarkable Content

Creating Content Is Not An Easy Task;jimmy-hovey-all-business-radio-show 

Do you find at times it is difficult to create content?

I know I sometimes struggle when I sit down to the computer to type out a post, only to find my fingers idle.  I often recognize though when someone asks me a question, I have the answer...and afterward think, man I wish I could have recorded that.  

Natural conversation is one of the best ways to capture your knowledge.  The best way to speak to customers is through natural conversation. But how do you capture that natural conversational tone?

Here is an idea?

Podcasting can be very useful to your content marketing strategy. Podcasts are audio files that are prerecorded by you and published online. A user can then use their iPod or MP3 player to download the file for listening at their leisure.

Blog Talk Radio (BlogTalkRadio) gives you a way to host your podcasts as a live radio talk show. The shows can then be archived in the platform library for users to download at a later time. Perfect way to carry on that natural conversation with your customers.  

5 Ways To Use Podcasting To Create Remarkable Content

Your business can really benefit from from podcasting and going live on Blog Talk Radio. Currently, it is said to be the largest social radio network in the world. Providing valuable, relevant content will be sure to increase your company's online visibility.

In time, by developing content through interviews, you will bring more visitors to your site.

Here are five reasons you should use this content marketing strategy to help you turn your online visitors into online buying customers:

  1. Syndication – Syndicating your broadcasts provides you with an easy, convenient way to let your online visitors know that new content is available.

    • As soon as you add the content, updates with links to the content will be automatically posted to your social networking and social bookmarking networks.

    • Provides an “embed” code that can be used to easily add your broadcast content to your websites and blogs.

    • Gives your online users and easy way to share your live broadcasts and archived podcasts with others, and embed them on their own websites, blogs and pages.

  1. SEO Keywords Just like with any other online content, keywords matter with this content marketing strategy. Using relevant, interesting keywords tells search engines that your content is available online. 

    SEO-friendly keywords drive organic traffic to your broadcast show. Blog Talk Radio allows five keywords per broadcast. This is a great way to choose your five keywords:

    • Three niche related keywords that will lure in your target market.

    • Two generic, but related keywords, such as your company name, brand name or generic product or service description.

  1. Instantly Available BlogTalkRadio broadcasts are automatic. They become instantly available to the online world from the moment they are published. 

    There are no reviewing or waiting periods. You click, and it's live to the world for instant content marketing.

  2. Builds Brand Reputation Having your own radio show helps to build a good reputation for your brand. Your online users will be very impressed by shows that give them valuable information they can use that is related to your niche. 

    Use your broadcasts to distinguish your company from your competition by speaking directly to your target market.

  3. Easily Promoted There are so many simple ways to promote your live broadcasts and podcasts

    They can be promoted using the usual inbound content marketing methods, along with other creative methogs:

    • BlogTalkRadio Player embedded on your sites and blogs

    • Emails sent through mailing lists

    • Contests and drawings for niche related prizes

    • Various online community networks

    • Your company blogs and your personal blogs

    • BTR (BlogTalkRadio) Community

    • BTR Affiliate Program

    • BTR Revenue Sharing Program

    • Social networking and social bookmarking sites

Would You Like To Try It Out?

As a business owner, you should be podcasting for content marketing purposes. Your company will benefit from live radio show broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio.

Provide your users with interesting, fun broadcast content that will draw visitors to your site to learn more about your brand. Educate them on how your product or service can benefit their lives.

Would you like to do a show with me?  I am just starting to get my show rolling and would love to find business owners who are interested in talking about their businesses.  I think the benefits above are enough to prove it is worth the effort.  

By working together, we can show them, live, that you have the answer to the question they are searching. I want to learn about your business.....

Click me

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