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Blogging Tips For Contractors: How To Create LEADS From Your Website

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:22 PM

What Is The Most Powerful Form Of Social Media?


There have been many articles written about the importance of social media outlets when it comes to drawing new customers to your site, but consistent and interesting blogging efforts are quite possibly the most powerful form of social media available today.

Social Media or Social Network?

Facebook and Twitter are social networks.  A blog is more of a part of a bigger strategy. Facebook and Twitter can indeed prove to be wonderful when it comes to updating your customer base on certain topics.

A well-written and engaging blog can prove to be the best and most enduring way to create an interesting dialog and meaningful feedback loop on almost any topic.    

Get The News Out Early Through A Blog....

For instance, writing blogs can potentially take a lot of the guesswork out of determining how your customers might react to a newly proposed company development.  A sincere blog post can outline the logic and thought processes behind the ideas in question. 

Being an open platform, you can call for customer input and generate conversations around your new company development. A blog can really spark some immediate and interesting responses from the very people who are most likely to be affected by these changes.

This serves to reinforce any good ideas that might be on the table, and can potentially save you the time and trouble of fixing costly missteps that might have been implemented as well.

Let the people who have taken the time to add to the conversation know that you are listening to their input.  By listening to that input the conversation on your blog should become livelier and more informative as time goes on.

Writing Blogs Can Turn Your Site Into A Respected Industry Resource

Additionally, well executed blogging can turn your site into a respected industry resource over time.  For example, if you consistently link to relevant articles that affect your industry and apply some insightful commentary of your own on your company blog, you can become known as a thought leader.  Writing blogs can establish your company as an expert authority on certain topics. 

This type of informative commentary on relevant current events can also serve to educate the general public about all sorts of things most might never have thought of otherwise, and this in itself can spark plenty of interesting comments, questions, and discussions on these topics. 

Use The Same Words You Would Use Talking One On One With A Friend

If you do your best to provide solid and relevant information to your customer base and treat them as if they are smart and valued participants in your blogging efforts, they are infinitely more likely to reward you with their loyal patronage and honest opinions alike for many years to come. 

Remember, the beauty of the Internet lies in its ability to bring together people who share common interests and concerns worldwide, so do your best to make your blog a hub for anyone interested in your company or general industry at large!

Want To Learn More About How Writing Blogs Can Bring Traffic To Your Website?

I have spent the last year creating blog posts for my family business at www.hoveyelectric.com.  The more blogs we write, the more traffic comes to our site and the more traffice we get, the more leads we get. In fact over the past year we generated just under 12,000 visits compared to just under 1,000 visits last year. 

We learned a lot along the way and put some of what we learned together in this informative e book simply called 'An Introduction To Content Marketing'.  You can download if for free and there is no obligation on your part.  Click the button below to download the e book.

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