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4 Tips For Keeping Your Opt In Email Out Of The Spam Box

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Jul 21, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Treat Your Opt In Email List As If You Were There In Person

I Don't Like Getting Spammed, What About You?

opt in email marketing how to stay out of the spam box

In the realm of opt in email marketing, it pays to know how best to refine your list and developyour content for maximum success.  

Email marketing in general can be a bit tricky to set up, since many new entrepreneurs are unaware of important issues, such as using an unconfirmed opt in vs. a confirmed opt in email list.  

What's The Difference?

In short, an unconfirmed email marketing list requires only that someone submit an email address in order to receive mailings, while a confirmed version requires that the user verify their intentions and email address via a link.  

Overall, a confirmed opt in email marketing list is going to be your very best bet when it comes to ensuring that your content is read only by interested parties, and that any accusations of spamming that come your way are really and truly baseless.

1.Get A Tool To Manage Your Opt In Email 

Once the importance of confirming any email addresses on your list has been set in your mind, the next step you should take in order to promote your product is to find an adequate tool that can both manage your opt in email marketing list in general, and can also help you to design an attractive, functional mailing that people are going to want to read.  

There are several such programs and applications designed for just this purpose out there today, so take your time looking over the options in order to find one that is both user-friendly and cost-effective.  Here are 2 of the most popular, Aweber and Constant Contact.  

I have utilized both and both are exceptional tools. 

2.Deliver Content That Your Customer Will Want To Read

When you have found your opt in email marketing tool of choice, your next step should be developing your content and overall strategy for this promotional activity.

Above all, make sure that the emailed newsletters you send to your customers are well-written, interesting, totally germane to your business, and judiciously sent.  

For example, if you are setting up a new product or service and are holding a sale or special promotion, it usually pays to combine these things into a single email.  

3.Don't Send Too Many Emails

Too many emails from one company in a short period of time can get annoying even for the most ardent customer, and can earn you a reputation as a spammer even if this is not legally the case.

4.Write In A Friendly Manner

Write your newsletters in a friendly, chatty manner that allows the customer to feel like they are valued, and make sure that any images you use in your marketing missives are not likely to crash any common browsers.  (This latter point is one that is all too often ignored.)

Putting together your opt in email marketing campaign in this way should ensure a satisfied customer base that keeps coming back again and again!

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What do you think works better, unconfirmed or confirmed email list?  Shoot me an answer in the comment section below. 

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