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What Is Email Marketing and How Do You Build an Opt-In Email List?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Jul 18, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Use Lead Generation And Customers To Build Your Opt In Email Marketing List

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When it comes to email marketing, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind before sending out newsletters and other electronic mailings to anyone and everyone in your business address book.  

Unsolicited Emails Can Get You In Big Trouble

Remember that unsolicited email correspondence of any kind can and will be reported as spam very quickly. This can can permanently blacklist your business with many reputable online services as a result.  

Yes, I know I get them too, but they are taking a major risk in the online world.  All of mine get filed promptly in the junk mail folder for future

There Is A Better Way, Opt In Email

In order to sidestep these potential pitfalls while still harnessing this potentially valuable way of generating continuous revenue, opt in email marketing should be considered de rigueur for any nascent or existing online promotional plan.  

It should be noted here that the difference between the use of confirmed and unconfirmed opt in email marketing can really make a difference in how you are perceived by your customer base over the long haul.  


Unconfirmed opt in lists simply require an email address to be provided in order to receive mailings.  This can result many erroneous entries, dead ends, and unwanted mailings for many people who may have had a passing interest in your company once upon a time.

Not only can unconfirmed addresses yield bogus leads for your company, but the well-meant email you send to only marginally interested parties can prove to be a turn-off to those users, and the bad taste left in their mouths is likely to be reinforced with every newsletter they have to delete.


With all of that in mind, the best, most ethical, and most effective way overall to make sure that your email newsletters and promotional mailings make it only to people who are genuinely interested in their contents is by implementing a confirmed opt in email marketing list.

Once someone provides their email address to you in order to sign up for newsletters and other promotional mailings, a confirmation link is then sent to the provided address in order to make sure that this person does indeed really want to be included.  

This prevents any accusations of spamming down the line, and can really help to refine your email marketing list to include only those people who want to know what you have to say.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Plenty of services online offer an easy way to help you construct a confirmed opt in email marketing list with little or no technical know-how, so be sure to do your research on the various tools available on the market today.  

Make sure that the email marketing list-building tools you eventually decide on are well suited to your particular level of expertise, with plenty of features to help you refine your list over time.

Do your best to make sure that any missive you send to your confirmed opt in email marketing list recipients is interesting, relevant, and sent only when necessary, and you should have a valuable marketing tool at your fingertips for a long time to come!

Learn How To Create Content To Build Your Opt In Email List

I am no different than you, I am a web user and I see offers all the time that require my email address.  If you want MY email address, you had better have something good to get it.  

Knowing that you are likely the same, I created a short eBook so that you could learn the basics of building content and email marketing.  The link to the eBook is below, just click on the book.

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