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Effective Marketing Strategies: 10 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Content

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Feb 02, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Effective Marketing Strategies For Content Development...10-ways-to-re-purpose-old-content-into-new-content

Today, everyone is going “green.” It's all about recycling and reusing valuable items. This article is all about turning old into new.....re-purposing what you already have. 

The same goes for content strategy. Re-purposing your content is all about reusing it again and again for different purposes. 

If the content is valuable and relevant, this can lead to higher SEO rankings.

10 Re-purposing Ideas

Re-purposing is not just for articles. It can be used as a content strategy for many different type of content. Here are 10 types of content that can be re-purposed and ideas on how to re-purpose them:

  1. e-Book – e-Books can be re-purposed to become blog content. Summarize different sections and chapters to create relevant blog posts. One 10 chapter e-Book can be easily turned into 10 separate blog posts.

  2. Video – A creative way to re-purpose video content is to have it transcribed into text. Once transcribed, this content can be turned into blog posts, website articles, even white paper.

  3. Press Release – Many small businesses put out regular press releases. They should always be published somewhere on your website or blog. You can even create a section just for your press releases, which will help increase the SEO rankings of that section of your site. This is a very unique content strategy approach.

  4. Case Study – Case studies are usually full of valuable content that can be re-purposed in many different ways. They can become webinars, video content, blog posts and articles. They can also be re-purposed to become very informative e-Books that can be downloaded directly from your website or blog.

  5. Podcast – Podcasts can also be transcribed to become other type of relevant content. Go through your old library. You'd be amazed how much information can be extracted from you Podcasts to turn them into blog posts, articles, video posts and e-Books.

  6. Webinar – These are a great way to re-purpose your content strategy. This promotional content can be re-purposed as educational content. This content can now become online press releases and video posts for your website and blog. Webinars can also be transcribed and re-purposed as informative article content and blog posts.

  7. White Paper – These quality writings require extensive research. They are usually informative and educational. Why let them go to waste. Re-purpose your white papers and convert them into slide decks, webinars, blog posts, articles, even eBooks for downloadable content.

  8. Offline Content – Do you have old brochures, fliers or sales letters that contain relevant content that may be of value to your customers? I bet you do. Offline content can be re-purposed to become great online content. Be sure not to upload the brochures themselves onto your site. You just want the content from the brochures.

  9. Reference Material – If your company has training guides and other reference material, use them in your content strategy program. With a few rewrites and a little tweaking, this content can be re-purposed to be as valuable to your customers as it is to your company team members.

  10. Blog Posts – You can creatively merge various, related blog posts together to create valuable eBooks or white papers. This is an excellent way to create advanced content for your calls to action. IE, “Register for our newsletter to download this eBook for free.”

Get Started Now

While re-purposing your content, remember the goals behind your content strategy. The purpose should be to solve your customers problems.

Your content should be fun, exciting and entertaining. Go through all of your old content now. You'll be so surprised how much more valuable content can be created by re-purposing what you already have.

You Have The Content, Now What?

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