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Attorney SEO Marketing: Why Finding The Right Keywords Is Critical

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Mar 28, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Finding-keywords-for-content-marketingFinding Your Keywords Is "Key" To A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Keywords and Search Engines

  • While Google and other search engines no longer rely solely on keywords for ranking purposes, they are still valuable. They play a very large part in your content marketing and SEO strategies.
  • Search engines need to know exactly what your content is about. This is key to having your content ranked higher, placing it on the first page of search results related to your keywords.

A Good Strategy For Keywords

  • A good strategy for your content marketing is making sure you understand what keywords you should be targeting. Make sure an audience exists for the keywords you choose to use.
  • Your keywords should not just be based on who you are and what your company does.They must also focus on what your potential customers are currently searching for online.

Take The Time To Develop A Keyword Strategy

Now you know what keywords your potential customers are using in their online searches. Let's take it a step further and develop a strong keyword strategy.

For content marketing purposes, think about keywords that are being searched in each step of the “buying process.” Here's an example of what I mean using the keyword “food”:

  1. Problem Recognition – This is when your potential customers realizes they are hungry. Their growling stomach reminds them that they did not eat today. They need to solve this problem.

  2. Information Search – During this process, an online user may search using the general keyword “food”, thinking about ordering something to eat online. Of course, the amount of sites that will come in the results will be massive. Such a general search term will bring up literally thousands of sites. They must narrow it down.

  3. Evaluation of Alternatives – This is where they will decide, specifically, that they want “spicy food.” Still too many results. This is where creative content marketing keywords come in to play. They search for “spicy food delivery Los Angeles” to narrow it down even more. Right there, on the first page, they will find “spicy BBQ”, “spicy Japanese food” and “spicy Italian food” to choose from. They choose an online site where they can order spicy BBQ to be delivered to their home in Los Angeles.

  4. Purchase Decision – After reviewing the site, their menu, prices and reviews, they decide to they want to place an order with you. They browse around the site. But, if they are anything like me, they already know what they want and that's all they think they want. So, they use your site's search engine to search for items they wish to purchase. They add the items they want to order to their shopping cart. With your site's automated help, they remember to add extra sauces, sodas and desserts to their order. Once they have completed their shopping, they are ready to make their purchase.

  5. Post-Purchase Evaluation – This stage is just as critical for placing keywords for content marketing. Your customer truly enjoyed your spicy BBQ meal and your delivery time. They would like to tell someone, possibly everyone. At this stage, they may search for “los angeles restaurants reviews” so that they can share their experience online. This search term will take them to a page on your site where they can post their raves about your food and service.

A Strong Voice Needs Keywords

A successful content marketing strategy must have a strong voice behind it. The stronger your voice, the higher the chances of your content being found online. Your strong voice will ensure that your content marketing information is read and shared online with others. With online content, the best way to show your voice's strength is with the use of valuable keywords.

Learn More About How To Use Keywords In Your Blogging Platform

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