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10 Simple Ways To Infuse Your Contractor Website With Personality

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Mar 19, 2012 @ 10:12 PM

What Is The Main Goal Of Your Contractor Website?

The main goal of your content marketing strategy should be to pique the interests of your readers. You want to show that you are capable of solving their current issues.

But, you also want to show that you are passionate about what you do and what you have to offer. Your passion will appeal to their emotional side.

As you read your content, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Is your company interesting?

  2. Do you come across as an expert in what your readers need assistance with?

  3. Are you passionate about something they enjoy or are passionate about?

  4. The most important question: Are you coming across as genuine?


10 Ideas For Infusing Your Content With Personality

Here are 10 simple ways to infuse your content with personality:

    1. Pics Of Your Work

      • As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This idea means that one single image can convey any complicated idea. It is believed that image visualization makes it easier to take in larger amounts of data much faster. PLUS, you can optimize each and every picture to link back to you, making a simple way to get internet exposure. 

    1. Videos

      • According to Google, 1.9 billion video viewing sessions have been generated on their site alone. YouTube brags of having 145.8 million unique viewers. Simply put, this tells me that online users love video clips! They make you content marketing more personal by putting an actual face to your words.

    1. Audio

      • Audio files are very important for your online visitors that really do not like to read. Many prefer to listen to audio instead. Audios are more personal than simple blog posts. It's almost as if they are having a telephone conversation with you. Your personality will come across in your voice and words. 

    1. Team Contributions

      • Companies should put a content marketing policy in place that encourages teams participation. By having various members of your organization providing content, you allow the personalities of of various authors to be shared. Don't have a team, what about referral partners, would they be interested?

    1. Be Your Own Spokesperson

      • Don't be an anonymous force behind your content. Make it personal. Find someone within your business that can represent your company's personality as its spokesperson. Make them the administrator of you company blogs and social media marketing.

    1. Talk Normal, Just Like You Would To Your Customer In Person

      • You just have to remember, these are your future customers, so talk to them like they already are one.  When writing content, make sure to write the same way you talk. Don't try to sound so intelligent that your readers are left confused. K*I*S*S = Keep It Simple Stupid. Find a point, stick to it, and keep your writing simple and easy to understand.

    1. Contractions

      • Use contractions when you write. When you speak, you say “haven't” instead of “have not.” So, when you write content, it only makes sense that you write the same way. Contractions give your writing a more mellow and informal.

    1. Thesaurus

      • When creating content, your thesaurus is your friend. Use it to find fun words to replace long or negative sounding words. IE, “work” sounds like work, but “activity” makes work sound fun. Make your content marketing fun, as well!

    1. Network With Social Media-Party

      • Host a Twitter Party for your loyal visitors that reflects your company's personality. Twitter parties are a very popular way to show your customers that you know how to have fun. Be sure to include some contests with pretty nice prizes!

    1. Role Models

      • Look for role models that write like you. Read their content. Takes notes on how they captured your attention and cute phrases that made you giggle. Model your content marketing after theirs. Oh ya, don't forget to link to them, they just might return the favor. 

Have Fun When Developing Your Content

Remember to have fun when you are writing content. Or, at least sound like you are. Your content marketing information should be infused with passion.

Your passion will come across to your readers. People are more emotional about their purchasing decisions than they are logical. Any successful content marketing campaign must be driven by this idea.

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