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Facebook Marketing Techniques: How To Communicate The Right Way

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 08:40 PM

Facebook Marketing Techniques: The Right Content, The Right Frequency and The Right Way.

"Un" Socializing Facebook For Business Applications

For most business owners, the thought of social media is just too "social" to consider as a realmarketing-with-facebook-consistently-communicate-the-right-content part of their overall marketing strategy.

One of the most social, Facebook, has to be considered as a real contender.  If you do nothing else, you should have a Facebook business page.  It is simple to set up and a great way to communicate about your product or service. You just can't argue with the shear size of the users of Facebook.  Every demographic is represented on Facebook.

There are some things you must consider and I want to give you some tips on how to best handle marketing with Facebook

Be Helpful, But Don't Give Away The Farm...

Follow the old adage about not giving away the farm. Provide helpful information, but do not walk clients through an entire legal issue or step-by-step guidelines on completing tax forms. Use the information you provide to lead people to your website contact page.

For example, a Finance Planner may post a short note about the advantage of certain investment types. He or she should also provide a way for interested parties to get in touch.

Facebook postings should provide information that hooks readers and provides a need to know more.

Facebook is about Communication, not Publishing

Providing great content via Facebook is a wonderful way to start the ball rolling. However, social media is about communication.

Comments on a business Facebook page should be answered. Businesses can even comment on the pages of others and develop online relationships with local companies and community spokespersons.

Participating in online discussions personalizes a business and makes it more attractive for potential clients. Try to be helpful.  If you see a question you can answer, answer it. 

Don't Have Time....Delegate the Responsibility

Many professionals understand how to implement the best Facebook for business tips, but do not have time to maintain a page or communicate with others. These responsibilities can be delegated to someone in-house, such as an admin or junior manager.

If you don't have "in-house" capabilities, consider an outside source to help you with this.  The following process would work for either in-house or outsourced providers.

You can hold monthly meetings to brainstorm content, but allow the delegate to take on the daily task of posting and commenting. By creating a system, you have the ability to make sure your Facebook strategy is being implemented the way you want. 

Launching a Facebook page is only the beginning of a social media marketing strategy. Participating on a consistent schedule is where the best opportunity lies. 

Utilize social media as the place where people can find you.  If you only show up once in awhile, no one will be able to find you.  If you are consistently participating, then you have a greater chance of being in front of a potential customer. 

Key Takeaway: Marketing with Facebook is a great strategy for any business, but if you choose this strategy, be sure you are communicating on a consistent basis. 


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