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Making The Case For A Social Media Marketing Plan For Attorneys

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 11:48 PM

What is Social Media?content marketing

Social media is the process of using web technologies to communicate with others. Interactive dialogs are created between you and others within your social media network. These network users create and share user-generated content.

Attorneys use social media strategy to communicate with clients, other attorneys, legal organizations and legal-structured communities, as well as potential clients searching for attorney services online.

Why is Social Media Important to Attorneys?

Social media has become the most popular way of communicating with friends, family and business associates online. Social media has proven to be a more effective way of marketing your attorney services to the world than traditional advertising methods.

Traditional methods are usually focused on a geographical area. A good social media strategy can market your law firm to the entire world.

Does Social Media Create Business Opportunities?

Social media networks, the most popular form of niche inbound marketing, helps you interact directly with your potential clients and other attorneys and legal service providers.

Inbound marketing simply means that you market your attorney services online. Only those interested in your services will interact with you. Thus, bringing customers inbound to you.

Social Media Sites - Here are some ways your social media strategy can help attract customers:

  • Facebook Page: Your professional attorney FB page is not the same as your personal profile page. A Facebook Company Page gives your niche market a way to interact with your company. Company pages are ranked by search engines. So, your customers can find your Attorney Business Facebook Page with just a Google search.

  • Twitter Account: Every attorney should have a Twitter account. Everyone involved in the firm should tweet everyday, on niche related topics. This gives your target market a way of following some of the personal experiences of the attorneys within the company.

  • LinkedIn: This social media network is specifically for business professionals. An Attorney who is active in LinkedIn will be directly networked with other Attorneys within your field of expertise, geographical area, etc... You decide who you will network with. But, on this site, it's not personal. It's all business.

  • YouTube: Small businesses and Law Firms use YouTube to produce affordable online commercials. An Attorney can record his or her own commercial or testimonial for next to nothing, and publish it on YouTube for absolutely free. Once published, it is up to you and your network to use social media strategy to increase the popularity of the video. The more popular it becomes, the more people that will continue to want to see it in the future.

Will I be Wasting My Time?

If you include a social media strategy in your marketing plan, it could never be a waste of time. Social media helps to bring more visitors to your site. It allows users with a way to directly interact with you, their future attorney, until they are ready for you.

Social media networking and quality blog posts help users feel more confident about the attorney they have grown to trust. This trust ensures that when they are ready to hire an attorney, they will hire the one they trust most... You.

What If I don't Have Time?

If you are like many attorneys, you simply don't have time to implement an efficient social media strategy. You understand how important social media is to creating a valuable online presence for you company.

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