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Why Twitter Needs To Be Part Of Your Social Media Business Plan

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 05:36 PM

Have You Updated Your Social Media Business Plan?

...Oh...you don't have one?

When Your Ready, Don't Forget Twitter For Your Social Media Business Plan

Many people are already aware of the popularity of Twitter and the significant growth it haswhat-is-social-media-and-why-it-is-critical-to-business-content-marketing experienced over the past two years.

Social Media is a critical piece to implementing a content marketing strategy in your business.

What is Twitter and how you could use Twitter in your business? 

I want to show you some ways that you may want to utilize this powerful social media platform.

"Un-socializing" Social Media

The days of sharing what you had for breakfast and where you are going have long since disappeared. Twitter is now as much of a good business plan, as any other marketing element you employ.  Twitter is crucial for making your valuable content available to your target audience across the globe.

What is Twitter and what can it do?

Twitter can be used as a way to give you immediate contact whit your customers. Twitter provides you the opportunity to share important updates in a real-time, short and concise manner that reaches your clients. Twitter can provide important information through links to your website or blog, helping to convey your message. Twitter can be used to find out how you are doing through questions to your clients and customers.

Develop a Twitter Strategy

There are many uses for Twitter, but to harness the power of it, you must first come up with a campaign or strategy to use it effectively. Here we will look at what is Twitter in a campaign.

Establish Your Twitter Objectives

For a Twitter campaign to be labeled as truly successful there is a need for specific objectives to be met for both the business and the customer to consider it successful. When creating a campaign, identifying the businesses needs is often difficult, as today’s market is constantly evolving and connecting with customers is becoming ever more challenging.

Asking The Right Questions

As a business or service provider, there are specific questions to look at:

  1. What is our need? (increased awareness, higher sales, more visibility, etc,)

  2. What do I do?.....what sets me apart?

  3. How is this going to move me ahead?

These are crucial questions to look at when determining the needs for your Twitter strategy. It has already been determined that Twitter is needed.

The question isn’t what is Twitter and when should I use Twitter, it is how soon will my competition pass me by with their strategy. Once your competitor succeeds in engaging your customer, they have passed you by, making your job much harder, if not impossible.

Add Speed To Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter involves much more than using it as a tool. In reality its successful usage includes a strategy. When it comes to strategy, right now, speed may work; the quick and dirty campaign can accomplish short-term needs.

Advertising vs. Marketing

Advertising is about the sizzle, not the steak. More often than not, advertising provides the sizzle, the promises, with no way to back them up.

A successful Twitter campaign is the steak; it provides a platform for the promises that are made to be delivered.

Still Wondering If Twitter Is For Your Business?

Twitter is a tool that you need to embrace if you want to remain a leader in your industry. No matter what field you are a leader in, Twitter is and will remain a powerful tool that will long need to be a part of your overall strategy.

How Does Social Media Fit With Other Elements Of Content Marketing?

Social Media is just one of the elements of a successful Content Marketing strategy.  Still not sure how content marketing applies to your business?  Download our FREE e-book; Understanding The New Rules of Internet Marketing Strategy. 

The future of marketing is online, get involved before your competition does!

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