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Is A Social Media Marketing Plan a Waste of Time For Contractors?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 08:40 AM

A Social Media Marketing Plan Is NOT A Waste of Time For Your Contracting Business....Here's Why...

social media marketing plan for contractors

Social media marketing is proven method to promote your content.  This doesn't mean that you have to "push" your content on someone.  "Push" marketing has been a part of corporate America for over 50 years.  Consumers are tired of it. 

Understand "Social"

Most businesses still consider social media as being "social" and not related to business.  If anything, the opposite is true.  Social media is not a replacement for traditional marketing.  It should be viewed as a tool.  In today's business climate, most businesses don't understand how to handle a business presence online.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing concerns Facebook, Twitter and any other online presence that you may have, such as LinkedIn. Social media marketing can also encompass your blog.  

The social media networks emphasize the need for social interaction and for many small businesses this is their downfall.  

People on Twitter do not want to know where you are right now, such as "I am sitting right now at Starbucks."  They want some real information to make their day and life better.

People want to know why there are sparks coming out of their electrical panel, or reasons why their roof may be leaking or how to know when it is time for a new roof. The consumer doesn't care about WHAT your doing, but instead they are more concerned about HOW you can solve their problem.  

Small Business Owners Mistakes When Developing A Social Media Marketing Plan

Not Getting Your Image Right

It is the life and breathe of their very existence.  First do not name the page after yourself.  If your name is Terry Jackson Smith, call the page Attorney_at_Law or Free_Att_Info.  When a person is looking for accounts to follow, he will not search for "Terry."  He will search for attorneys, lawyers, insurance, cancer, health, and accounting.

Show Them Who You Are

Also you must have an avatar.  Make sure it is your picture or a logo from your company. Consider a picture...not of you at the bar last week...but a professional image.  Worried about cost? ...Go to Craigslist, look under "services" and click on "creative".  

There are numerous photographers who are willing to build their profile or shoot pictures for a fixed cost.  Just make sure you get the copyright release.  

Do not leave a blank space on the page.  Professionals have nice and professional pages. This doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars, there are thousands of professional images out there.  

Not Using An Acceptable Background

Next you want to have an acceptable background.  Go to your own personal website, if you have one and copy one of the pictures on your website and then paste it to your Facebook or Twitter page.

This can be done easily by going to settings and then design and then upload image from your computer.  You now have to change the colors of your side board and links.  That is easily done on the design page also.

Rotating Articles on Social Media

Now that you have a professional page, set up with newly designed background and nice avatar, it is time to consider the content on the page.  If you are an attorney and you are not able to write any articles for your social media account, then hire a professional. 

You can hire a professional writer to produce some quality articles for your page or simply post well written articles from the web, using the link only.  

You can go to SocialOomph.com and get a free account and set up the posting of these articles every 30 minutes.  You can pay for a professional program that will allow you to upload a spreadsheet full of all your tweets and the company will automate the links for you.

How Will A Social Media Marketing Plan Help You?

Social media is a vitual handshake.  Think of social media as building friendships.  It is much easier to find a friend with common interests and social media allows you to do that.  Listing only your hobbies will limit your ability to be found.  Listing your job title or industry will allow other people to search an find you based on similar interests. 

People will see your link to your website, a page that has followers and valuable articles of interest.  As your followers grow, you will have more respect as a leader in your chosen profession. 

When asking yourself, "What is social media and how will it help me?" Remember that social media is a way of presenting your company to the world. 

Learn More About Marketing Your Business Online

There are changes taking place everyday online.  The reality though is that more and more people are turning to the Internet to solve their problems.  If you don't have a social media marketing plan or an online strategy, the customers you want will not be able to find you.  

I wrote a eBook about how you as a contractor can market your business online.  Just click on the book cover below. 


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