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5 Ideas For Nurturing Your Contractor Leads After 30 Days

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Mar 21, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Contractor Leads After 30 Days...It's All About Continuous Engagement!

Remember in the post from yesterday that It Takes 5 to 7 Views to Build Rapport?Lead-nurturing-after-30-days

While on average it takes 5-7 views to build customer rapport, are they ready to buy from you after they have seen your information 5-7 times? 

The answer to the question has a lot of variables.  It would be really nice if you could look into your crystal ball and determine the exact moment they are ready to buy. 

You have to be realistic though and realize it can take several months to even several years before your prospect is ready to buy.

When IS A Lead Too Old?

A lead is NEVER too old....Unless They Tell You To Leave Them Alone....But til Then.... 

You never know when that person is ready to buy or if that person forwards a great blog you wrote that influences someone else.  That is the real value of lead generation.  You have a lead, now its time to nurture, nurture, nurture. 

The prospect will tell you when to stop sending them your information.  You let them decide.  But it is your responsibility to provide something of value each time you communicate.  If are able to provide value, the chances are, they will be there for a long time. 

It costs the same to send 1 email as it does to generate 1 million. 

Here are some ideas that you can used to nurture your contractor leads over a long period of time. 

Idea #1 - Newsletter

Creating a monthly newsletter is also a great way to communicate with prospect. If they have become interested in your blog up to this point, just simply take your last three or four blogs and put them in one place, and create a newsletter. Very simple.

Yet is it effective way to communicate with your customer on regular basis.  Stay in front of them. A good option here is Constant Contact or A Weber.

Idea #2 - Special Offers

An occasional email telling the prospect that you have something special happening in your business, is a great time to communicate with the potential prospect.

You have to decide based on your customer base and industry how often you can communicate without turning them off.  Your greatest expense was actually getting the lead, now you need to nurture, nurture, nurture. 

Idea #3 - New Blog Posts

Getting someone to give you an email address is a complement to the content you developed.  It takes hard work to develop that type of content, so don't waste your money and put all of your effort in just GETTING a new prospect. 

To be in business you have to get a sale. Consider the prospect as a potential sale even over several years. 

I recently talked to someone who closed a sale that the prospect had filled out the original form over 3 years earlier!

Idea #4 - Ask If You Can Add Them To Your Blog Subscription

One of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers is through a blog post.  Assuming that you create great content, and you can help your business owners solve their problems. 

Most blog programs allow you to add subscribers.  By adding subscriptions, you will be able to put your name in front of them every time you post a new blog. 

Idea #5 - Talk About Industry News

Being the first to report industry news is another way to build your brand with your lead.  Business owners and consumers are so busy these days, that they may appreciate having you share information with them. 

This may sound like a lot of work, but it really isn't.  One way that you can find current news is to subscribe to Google Reader.  Here you can just plug in a search term, and Google Reader does the work for you. 

Each time something new related to that term becomes indexed, you will receive a notice in your email.  You can just click on your email, and go right to the article or indexed page.  Create an email, and simply state that you thought this was interesting and thought they might too! 

Key Takeaway: A lead is never too old.  It is your responsibility to maintain contact with that lead since you never know when they may be ready to buy.

How Do I Get the Leads?

I utilize Content Marketing to get my leads, then I utilize automated marketing software to help me communicate with my leads on a regular basis.  It takes time to build a list and you may not see the first sale for quite some time.  But building your website is an asset that sells 24/7.  

It took me about 6 months to figure all this stuff out. I want to share what I learned with you so you don't have to spend 6 months getting up to speed.  I created this FREE eBook to help you get there quicker...its available for FREE...just click on the book below. 


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