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Social Media Marketing Plan: 4 Ways To Start Building Relationships

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Apr 09, 2012 @ 10:19 AM

Why Bother With a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Social Media Is A Critical Business Tool For Building Relationships 

One of the most difficult things in business is to make connections.  Think about it, Who wouldsocial-media-marketing-plan-includes-building-networks-jimmy-hovey you rather buy from....a friend you trust or a complete stranger that you know nothing about. 

I like dealing with people I know.  Even though not all the transactions are great experiences, you still stand a better chance of not getting taken advantage of with someone you know.

1. Engage Old Friends, School Mates

Re-connecting with old friends is one of the best ways to begin building your social media network. 

You likely have no idea the people that your friends know.  A friend is much more likely to talk about you then someone who doesn't know you. 

Use the Search functions within Facebook or Twitter and begin looking for your friends.  With your high school friends, be on the lookout for those who already have a lot of connections. 

With Facebook, you can see their other friends which have a strong possibility of being yours.  You can create friends right from your friends profile. 

2. Make New Friends 

Making new friends with new people only makes sense if you want to grow your network.  That doesn't mean you spam lots of other folks asking them to be friends for no reason or ask for a follow me with no reason behind it. 

I constantly get those types of requests.  Only choose friends that you think you can provide value to you or those who would be helpful in what you are doing in your business. Just because someone wants to friend you, doesn't mean you need to accept.

3. Be Helpful to Others

Most of the social networks have Question sections.  A strategy for making new friends is to go to the question areas and find questions you can answer.  Helping someone out will draw appreciation. 

You are giving a little of your time, but the chance of finding someone who can help extend your network is well worth the time. You are an expert in your field, let others know about it.

4. Be Friendly, No Sales Pitch

Answering questions does not mean saying " Hey give me a call and I will help you out!".  That's not the idea.  That is not being friendly, it is throwing your sales pitch.  You will die in social networks if you try pushing your products. 

Just be helpful giving the one asking the question and at the end of answering a question, you can say hope that was helpful.  If your answer interests the person or others reading it, they will likely follow the social trail back to you and your website. 

So, What's Working In Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

You have to decide the best approach for you.  But starting with the people you already know is the best way to begin building your network. In the end, you have to build your network one person at a time.


How did you build your network?  Let me know in the box below.....

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